Previously, as everyone knows, “Cashmere” has always been a warm world champion. But recently the weather continues to be the most changeful and challenge “Cashmere”. The “weather” and “Cashmere” fighting game is related to dignity and status of cashmere, will cashmere defeat beating from weather? Let’s wait and see.

Challenger: Weather
Defender: Cashmere
Judge: Cashmere family
Audience: People around the world

Mette Cashmere Family: “Good morning, cashmere global spectators, I was the host of the match” Mette Cashmere family “, very honored to be with you once again to witness this historic moment. All right, the game starts.”

The first round

Weather: the first is the “weather” in the lead, with cool nirvana, the audience in the case of unsuspecting, have to turn cashmere.

Cashmere: “Cashmere” methodically throwing out countermeasures — cashmere vest. And said: “when the cold weather, cashmere vest can be built as a kind of shirt with a variety of shirts and skirts, temperament and demeanor side by side; and jacket collocation is also an excellent choice, not only warm, but also very fashionable. All the fashion week kids have done very good demonstrations for us, and I’m not going to elaborate any more, but please look at the picture below”

Mette Cashmere Family: Yes, cashmere cashmere players on the very place, face the problem of clear thinking, is worthy of professional athletes everything in good order and well arranged, and as the host, also to Kanguan cashmere family recommended the following two plus a cashmere vest skirt, for everyone to see the game more to enjoy.

Top coat: 8174017 (100% goat cashmere)

Top coat: 8274050 (100% goat cashmere)

Inside: 8274018 (100% cashmere)
Bottom: 8274058 (100% cashmere)

Cashmere family: after the first round of wonderful competition, the first round of cashmere won, congratulations cashmere!

The second round

Weather: voice just fell, at this time the weather again unique trick, see the sky dark clouds pouring in, cold wind mercilessly tearing all things in the world. Spectators who have curled up. The weather showed Monalisa’s smile.

Cashmere: “hard cashmere” is still stable, after a second thought, cashmere also adopted piecemeal, come up against cashmere pullover. And said, “you don’t panic, to stop cold, have changed, put on your sweater, go with head high and chest out walking in a crowd, whether it is the same years classic stripes, or half a machine carefully split ends, can make you next year is still at the forefront of fashion.”

Mette Cashmere Family is indeed walking: cashmere cashmere, not only the sensitive reaction, and understanding of fashion is also in place ah, the game is wonderful, warm is not lost, as the host, but also to each and every family of cashmere spectators who recommend the following several pullovers, you handsome pretty girls please choose.

Top coat: 8274028 (100% goat cashmere)

Top coat: 8174013 (100% cashmere)

Top coat: 5274002

Top coat: 8174014 (100% goat cashmere)

The third round

Weather: seeing the first two rounds have ended in failure, it resorted to the ultimate killer, fight to win or die, float the rain suddenly began to cold air, the audience will have to leave the.

Cashmere: on the occasion at a crucial moment, cashmere without hesitation, resorted to the killer – cashmere coat, to stabilize the morale of the troops. There are close thick cashmere cardigan in Seoul, the four corners of the world wind! The handsome men keep warm along cardigan, elegant lady cardigan in warm I can show your beautiful hand line.

Mette Cashmere Family: Wow, cashmere cashmere. Really wonderful, step by step in the face of the enemy attack no retreat. Give cashmere a favor! At the same time also recommend the following two cardigan to all the audience, in order to cope with the possible period of want or need.

Top coat: 8174020 (100% cashmere)

Top coat: 8274054 (100% goat cashmere)

Cashmere family: the third round of cashmere with an absolute advantage to win a game again, after three rounds of fierce confrontation, cashmere with three battle victory of the end of the game, and eventually successfully defended the throne. Let’s congratulate cashmere and thank you for your support. Here’s the program. We’ll see you next time.
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