I want to ask you a question if you have the same feeling like this: when we chasing a beautiful clothes, but not satisfied after dress up; By contraries when there is a commone clothes even we don’t want to try, but it is so shinning after we dress up.

Why is this so? Careful study, the original dress and our body is closely related. Different sizes have different advantages and disadvantages, wearing result is also different.

Women’s body can be divided into: inverted triangle, straight type, apple type, pear type, hourglass type five kinds of body. To shoulder, chest, hip as a standard measure.

1 Inverted triangular body

Representative: Liu poetry
Inverted triangle body, also known as strawberry body, shoulder width or bust is greater than 5% of hip, upper body like strawberry.

V Collar Top: 3271055

Inverted triangle body shoulder wide, so dress do not let the highlights concentrated in the shoulder and arm, to focus on the middle and below the waist, such as wearing v collar clothes, the visual focus to the middle.

On: 4271023 the next: 7271011

You can choose loose to play a balance effect, wide leg pants, lapel pants or A word skirt, umbrella skirt is a good choice; shoes can choose more vivid color transfer attention.
2 Straight body

Representative: model OliviaPalermo
Straight body that is H-shaped body, shoulder circumference, chest and hip similar to the surrounding within 5%, and there is no obvious waist.

Dress: 3271053

H-type body because of the lack of soft feeling, dress must focus on highlight the waist. Tops can choose to put the waist Slim style, with a shoulder pad of the women’s jacket is also a good choice.

Dress: 7271008

Download in order to highlight the lines, you can choose the buttocks pocket jeans, soft material package skirt, A word skirt and so on.

3 Apple type body

Representative: British singer Adele
Apple-type body, the general lower limbs slender, waist and abdomen partial fat, such as apple shape rounded.

Dress: 4271037

This kind of body needs to hide the flesh of the waist, so the most taboo tight dress. Loose dress just right, both to cover the body defects, to create a casual fashion with the degree, but also highlights the charming leg curve, bring significant visual effects.

Inside: 4271015 Outside: 3271058 the following: 7271005

Cardigan open placket to wear, you can modify the waist, close to the arm of the sleeves to show slender arm, but also to focus on the transfer. Unexpected cooling of the weather, a thin cardigan can bring home like warmth.
4 Pear type body

Representative: high round
Pear-shaped body should be the majority of Asian women’s body, hip circumference than the chest or chest more than 5%, fat mainly deposited in the buttocks and thighs, upper body is not fat under the body fat, like pear-shaped.

On: 3271001 the following: 2272006

Modify this body, it is recommended to wear a loose body or a sense of layered clothes to make up the narrow upper body. Summer can choose a lace ear or loose jacket, through the clothes to coordinate the upper body and lower body.

On: 7271013 the next: 7271007

Or choose loose cover to cover defects, such as conical pants, straight foot pants, umbrella skirt or A word skirt and so on.
5 Hourglass body

Representative: Gong Li
Hourglass body shoulder and hips roughly equal (shoulder and hip difference in less than 5%), and a clear waist. If you feel that you are an hourglass figure, then first of all to congratulate you, figure prefect.

Dress: 4271035

Hourglass-type body dress can enjoy the characteristics of their waist thin waist, self-cultivation dress or tight suit can easily hold on.

On: 2272013 the following: 2272014

If you want to highlight their own body, you can choose to download leggings or more fit the buttocks lines of the bell-bottoms, including hip skirt, pencil skirt, A skirt, enjoy blooming slim figure.

After reading the article, you know what kind of body, suitable for related clothing? Want to know the details of a particular type of wear guide, please message us will be your wonderful assistance.

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