Cashmere family METTE


The City-Chengdu
It’s not more than last night’s wine that gave me tears
Let me not give up more than your gentleness
How long is it going to take you to hold my hand
What makes me feel embarrassed is the freedom of struggle
The sorrow of remembrance is always in September.
Autumn green willows kissed my forehead
In that small and rainy town
I never forget you
The only thing that Chengdu does not take is you
Walk with me on the streets of Chengdu
Until all the lights go out and do not stop


One of Zhao Lei’s song “Chengdu”
Not only make himself popular
And made Chengdu popular as “the land of abundance”
The cashmere family METTE interested in Chengdu
METTE, a cashmere family who opened in Chengdu recently
Now can’t wait to settle down again in Chengdu
Cashmere family METTE
Chengdu CaoShi street and sheep rhino interchange store
Two stores open together
Look forward for your attendance together


Chengdu sheep rhino overpass shop
Address / Address
Chengdu city Jinniu District Shuhan Road No. 355
Telephone / Tel:028-87704951
Opening time: December 8th


Chengdu sheep rhino overpass shop adjacent to Metro Line 2
Convenient traffic
The surrounding commercial building stands
For more people who pursue the quality of life
Provide a superior shopping experience

Chengdu CaoShi Street shop
Address / Address
Chengdu city Qingyang District CaoShi Street No. 38 of No. 1 layer 3-1
Telephone / Tel:028-64656316
Opening time: November 27th

Change into a beautiful new dress
METTE and cashmere family
A year after the romantic meeting.


Jacquard shawl


100% cashmere
It’s very good to be wearing a party with a friend
The lower swing matches the classic tassel
A unique jacquard pattern
Graceful and elegant, elegant and generous


Jacquard long coat


100% cashmere
Simple color collocation geometric pattern low-key
A simple dress is more suitable for a party.


Warm parent-child dress


100% cashmere
Since it is out to meet
Of course, you can’t do it.
Different colors, aesthetical patterns
Happy laughter and joy
A family that loves each other is the most harmonious and friendly.


Chengdu store address:

Chengdu Shuhan branch
Address: Chengdu City, Shu Road No. 253
Phone: 028-62068817

Chengdu Wuhou branch
Address: No. 20, four section of South Road, Chengdu
Phone: 028-85017698

Chengdu Jinsha branch
Address: 4 Shu Hui Road, Chengdu
Telephone: 18482079068

Chengdu Dashi West Road branch
Address: No. 12 Dashi West Road, Chengdu
Phone: 028-61357569

Chengdu Shuangnan branch
Address: Chengdu City, Wuhou District Shuangnan Road No. 9 floor No. 6
Phone: 028-84164879

Chengdu Tongzi forest branch
Address: No. 5, Lin Bei Road, Tongzi, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Phone: 028-64684392

Chengdu eight treasure street branch
Address: No. 121, eight treasure street, Qingyang District, Chengdu
Phone: 028-86112084

Chengdu Tonghui Road branch
Address: Chengdu city Qingyang District Tonghui Road No. 33 of No. 6
Phone: 028-64656316

Chengdu Gaopang road branch:
No. 8, No. 8 East Road, Wuhou District railway station, Wuhou District, Chengdu
Phone: 028-85026832

Chengdu CaoShi Street branch
Address: Chengdu city Qingyang District CaoShi Street No. 38 of No. 1 layer 3-1
Phone: 028-65214695

Chengdu sheep rhino overpass branch
Address: Chengdu city Jinniu District Shuhan Road No. 355
Phone: 028-87704951


Conceptual design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selection of high quality raw materials
And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards
Abandon the complex design and present the beauty of nature
The urban elite for the pursuit of quality life
Provide comfortable commuting experience

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