September, with autumn introverted, with autumn modesty greeted the eyes, the joy of the harvest covered with trees. In this harvest season, cashmere family METTE ushered in new members, September 15th, Xiaoshan City Road cashmere Family Heart grand curtain!
Xiaoshan mind Road shop

Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou City Road and the intersection of Mianlu Xiao heart
City woman street, 1043 – 1045


The Xiaoshan city heart Road shop close to Metro Line 2 Hangzhou hair factory station, surrounded by high-end residential areas, shopping malls, hotels around, has a unique transportation advantages and convenient shopping options.

Following the opening of the heart Road shop in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou has 14 members, all over the 7 urban areas of Hangzhou, Xihu District, Binjiang District, uptown, downtown, Jianggan District, Gongshu District and Xiaoshan.

Whether you enjoy the scenery in West Lake, or in the shopping malls, can meet the METTE family of cashmere elegant charm, in the mind, the classical tradition of quality.

A ray of tenderness, stitch ingenuity, mixed with classical Italian style, with a mind for you, fine cashmere fabrics, for the family, provide comfortable clothing to enjoy.

Sleeveless dress: 6274026

Abandon complex design, brief show style appeal. Fitted with a good version of the compact and strong suture, wearing the upper body will show elegant posture.

Jacquard Dress: 8274062

A blossoming Campanula, gently swaying, fresh, such as pleasant and romantic. Meets the soft glutinous cashmere, releases the sweet makings in the gentleness, will wear the wind chimes in the body, also is walks elegant, noticeable.

Scarf: 8374013

Colorful autumn, cool breeze invades the skin through clothes, and the slightest coolness comes to mind. At this point, with a cashmere scarf, exquisite warm shoulder neck, such as bright sunshine, gentle and delicate.

From Qinghai, Tibet high altitude area of cashmere, cashmere single outline exquisite, delicate as silk, as warm as the sun. In September 15th, Hangzhou Xiaoshan city heart road grand curtain, welcome in store tasting, more surprise gifts waiting for you to open.

Activity time: September 15th – September 24th
Active content:
1, new customers for VIP members, you can receive a cashmere family exquisite gifts
2, more surprises, welcome to inquire in detail

Address of each shop in Hangzhou:
Binjiang Hangzhou store
Address: No. 188 bin Kang Road, Hangzhou, Binjiang District
Telephone: 0571-87118276

Hangzhou Shenhua store
Address: No. 386, Shenhua Road, Hangzhou, Xihu District
Telephone: 0571-89710308

Hangzhou Phoenix store
Address: No. 214-216 Feng Dong Road, Hangzhou, Jianggan District
Telephone: 0571-86573518
Hangzhou Wen two West Road shop
Address: No. two West 54, Hangzhou, Xihu District
Telephone: 0571-86888655

Hangzhou Wenhui store
Address: No. 283 business building, Wenhui Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City
Telephone: 0571-81671908

Hangzhou Xiangji Temple store
Address: City xiangjisi road Hangzhou City No. 152
Telephone: 0571-89710727

Hangzhou Xinhua store
Address: No. 191, Xinhua Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Telephone: 0571-89710327

Hangzhou Yanan Road store
Address: No. 126, Yanan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
Telephone: 0571-86097392

Hangzhou Moganshan Road store
Address: Hangzhou City, 220 Moganshan Road
Telephone: 0571-87358129

Hangzhou Xinfeng Restaurant
Address: No. 326-5, Xinfeng Road, Hangzhou, Jianggan District
Telephone: 0571-87176956

Hangzhou Stadium Road store
Address: No. 525-2, Stadium Road, Hangzhou, Xihu District
Telephone: 0571-86671737

Hangzhou Qingchun Road store
Address: Qingchun Road Hangzhou City, No. 164
Telephone: 0571-87157662

Hangzhou Shuangling shop store
Address: Hangzhou City, Jianggan District Qingchun Road No. 79
Telephone: 0571-87790713

Xiaoshan Hangzhou store
Address: Hangzhou City, Xiaoshan City Road and the intersection of Mianlu Xiao heart city woman Street No. 1043 – No. 1045
Telephone: 0571-82258937

Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Selected high-quality raw materials
It was reconstituted with stringent environmental standards
Abandon complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Urban elite aiming to pursue quality life
Provide comfortable commuter wear experiences

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