Early autumn season has already arrived

In the hot air of the past

A little bit of autumn sweetness

August gold autumn

The first store in Changsha

Cashmere Family · Changsha Furong Middle Road

finally come

Won the title of “the most happy city”

Xiangjiang River flows slowly from it

Have national key scenic spots:

Orange Island, Yuelu Academy, Yuelu Mountain

There are many celebrities’ former residences and memorial halls.

It can be described as a city where beauty and humanity coexist.


In this historical and cultural city

With the cashmere family

Deep experience of Changsha people’s life

【Changsha Furong Middle Road Store】

– Store address –

No. 484, Section 1, Furong Middle Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City

– contact number –


【Opening activities】

1. You can enjoy a beautiful gift when you enter the store for free VIP members during the opening period.

2. Buy METTE single-paying full 1000 yuan to give the original price of 780 yuan of fine silk scarves a more surprise welcome to the store for details

Remove busy everyday work

During free leisure time

Night run around the sights

The life of Changsha people is very rich.

In the cashmere family.Opposite Furong Middle Road

It is the No. 1 Middle School of Changsha City, Hunan Province.

Nearby is the former residence of Mao Zedong Yang Kaihui in Qingshuitang

The culture is full of atmosphere and the atmosphere is full.

Above the Xiangjiang River not far from Furong Middle Road, it is the famous Orange Island.

This small island combines a human landscape with natural scenery independent of the river.

It has become a perfect scene in the middle of the city.

Quiet in the middle of noisy

Is the pursuit of inner quality life under the premise of fast-paced metropolis

Just like a cashmere family

Use the most sincere sincerity and the most full of sincerity

Create urban women’s fashion wear

Pursue the quality of life in the new era

Cashmere familyChangsha First Store

Grand opening

· Changsha Furong Middle Road Store ·

Inviting you to experience fashion quality life



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