The so-called with the color match
Simply point is the same color with the
This is very simple and durable with a harmonious unity
In the visual elongated stature has a significant effect













Each year’s autumn and winter fashion week
The same color with the eternal theme must be

Although the same color to wear a lot of advantages
But how to match it even better
Today, learn the same color with the right way

1. According to the color of the skin, to find their own color
Because the same color with the law is generally only one main color
So the choice of color is undoubtedly very critical
Generally based on their own color to pick


























If you are a fair-skinned girl
Then you can control a lot of colors
Especially some of the more fresh pink color
Control up even more elegant and pleasant

If your skin color yellow
Do not easily adjust a large area of camel
Otherwise it is easy to dull skin color

























But also don’t blindly bright colors
In particular, this girl’s heart full of candy
Not only to make the skin more black
The improper collocation is easy to wear tacky feeling
Therefore, it is recommended not to choose


























The first suggestion is white and gray
Both low-key and atmospheric classic colors
Relatively little pick color
But also to wear out the simple high-level model


























This year’s popular blue is also a good choice
Significant white mention gas color, very suitable for our yellow skin
With the effect of the same color is also very outstanding


























2. With the level is the key
With the same color Although known as the “lazy worn”
But want to wear high-level
We must learn to highlight the level of modeling sense
Body with the color, the more simple and more simple single product more advanced
The same color with the simplest way is
Body to maintain the same color, and the basic unity of the material
Seemingly simple, in fact, is not easy






















In general a + down
Together should not be more than three single product
Otherwise, the whole body shape is not easy to focus
You can learn to choose more trendsetter suit ably neat






















This match with the same color if properly matched
Will create a minimalist cold style
Advanced and fashionable enough, really worth trying




























3.Material comparison effect is better

If you choose the same color
Be sure to note the collision between the material combination
To highlight the level of modeling sense
Fashion index will double


























Will be soft knitted fabric or woolen

With a glossy leather

A just a soft charm doubled

The most common ride and coat

Accessories can also do a certain echo

The overall effect is not bad


























If your body with a larger color area
This time can be decorated with accessories
Common are bags or shoes
Small hit color, make your color to wear more eye-catching


























Fashionable good ride with the same color

Learn, piercing high taste it

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