Retro, elegant style of the old era, the new era into the fashion element, ever-changing, to create stylish personality, elegant and sophisticated urban charm female image. 2016 autumn and winter, retro, elegant, personalized, METTE cashmere family vision is the key word.

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Not because of busy and forget the original intention of Green, not because of monotonous and lose passion, not because of all the external conditions or defects, while ignoring the inner self-cultivation. Audrey Hepburn said: “Elegance is the only beauty will not fade!” Settle down after years of sharpening and temperament charm will leave an indelible impression.

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▲ Top: 8,264,059 skirt: 8264058 ▲ coral

Charming small fragrant wind suit, with a 1960s retro style, finely decorated in gorgeous lace bodice. Fashion silhouette, three-dimensional cut, reflecting the temperament of female independence. Coral, warm, vibrant, it will open for you beautiful romantic autumn tour in early autumn.

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The suit highlights that the collar, cuffs, skirt hem two color hand-crochet, urban women to convey refined and elegant life pursuit. Pure Italian design, you will enjoy the distant and civilized Western countries peculiar romantic and elegant style.

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▲ Jacket Style No: 8264055 ▲ Photo Color

Tee handmade cardigan jacket, collar, black pressure cuffs, hem side, upper tangent white ornament for the hand-sewn, very fine. Delicate and precise tailoring, exquisite materials, fascinating detail, METTE cashmere family traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion elements perfect fusion.

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▲ pullover paragraph number: 8264061 ▲ Black

Female pullover long section in front of neutral colors do hit the color techniques to enhance the overall brightness, get rid of the monotony of black, more personality and style. In the long section design, simple atmosphere, easy to match.

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▲ Jacket Style No: 4264070 ▲ Black

Long black vest jacket, with a rich modern flavor able. Front and rear pendulum design, highlighting fashion. Contour sense, walking between highlight a different kind of personality. Handsome and capable, in the fall with pants and skirts to wear safe.

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▲ pullover paragraph number: 8264054 ▲ Black

Female black pullover, suitable for wearing in the fall ride. Chest is bright geometric patterns, durable classic style, into the popular elements of geometric patterns, showing a faint subtle style.

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METTE cashmere family2016 new autumn and winter, the sophisticated urban modern style Add to freedom uninhibited romantic, opposition collisions between elements, interacting with each other can be vividly demonstrated. Various elements collide with each other, bursting out with elegant and charming atmosphere, inadvertently dressed in an elegant heart.

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More METTE cashmere family new autumn and winter will be listed, so stay tuned; new autumn and winter to find out more information, please accesible detailed consultation!

(Photos from the above new autumn and winter METTE cashmere family)

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