I believe that every one of us will have such an experience

Even if there is a closet of clothes

But every season when, still feel make clothing shortage

It is not our love

But last year’s clothes didn’t match us this year.

No, all the big fashion weeks have been impatient

Open the spring and summer’s beautiful and fashionable print Tour

And tell us the new direction for the wardrobe



With a chic and fresh print element

The collocation of clothes became brighter.

Let you both inside and outside a small fairy posture revealed



Since it is a stylish tool that can make you beautiful and beautiful

How can the big stars walk in the front of the fashion

How can the overbearing fan be strong

A little fairy dressed in a new and elegant print dress.

The new little flowers are wearing the prints and the youth are pretty.



Cashmere family METTE beauty printing series

Open the door for you are the spring and summer season


Multi color printing

Under the colourful and soft silkworm of the silkworm

Colourful grass and wood flowers

Just as the scenery of spring is generally bright and bright

High precision printing technology makes every fine pattern

It’s all like real things.

The delicate lace of the pleat shows the soft beauty of the woman



Replace a beautiful stamp for a play

The cascading V collar of the lotus leaf has a vivid beauty

A perfect interpretation of the intellectual beauty of modern women



Splicing elements are still the constant themes of fashion

Fine silk printing as the main trapper of the whole dress

Soft cashmere wool and silk blended knitting as a backing

An implicit sense of introvert in the passionate fashion



The design style is more fashionable and cardigan wear

Elegance and literary style in the period of the Republic of China

When the weather is a little cold in the morning and evening, it is fashionable and warm in the match.




The hot summer coming

More breathable and cool silk care

The rounded edge cuff can perfect the arm curve

Show a delicate and gentle beauty


Classical ink printing

In the thousands of years of the long history of the Chinese history

Have written a quality suggestive of poetry or painting pen men of literature and writing

How can I be dusty in a poem

The charm of spreading the ink in the water

With a record of clothes, a series of poetic prints of ink and ink have been made.

Annotate the beauty of modern women’s intellectual elegance



Silk linen fabric with light and solid texture

Keep the smooth and natural beauty of the ink painting

The loose style shows a free and unrestrained style

Collocation a belt is a tender and charming beauty



So many fashionable prints

Afraid to have a seasonal clothing shortage?

Fashion a single product get printing up quickly



Cashmere family METTE

The new products are now on the market

Welcome to store selection


Conceptual design based on simple fashion

Cashmere family METTE from nature

Selection of high quality raw materials

And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards

Abandon the complex design and present the beauty of nature

The urban elite for the pursuit of quality life

Provide comfortable commuting experience

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