Twenty-four solar terms summer solstice solar terms in a first to be determined, the annual summer solstice from June (or 22) 21 starts, until July 7 (or 8) end. “Book of Rites,” said: “to the summer solstice, the solution antlers, cicada beginning Ming, raw Pinellia, Hibiscus Wing.” This means that, to the summer solstice, one can cut the antlers, cicada nature began to tweet, Breit, hibiscus also begun to bloom, growing into the vegetation period of prosperity.


Start the summer solstice, summer, the United States also began. Poem “After the June Lake, the scenery and the seasons are the same. Then endless days of lotus Bi, Lotus flowers in the sunshine.” Depicts the southern summer pretty scenery. Flowers Pinellia, Boats, frogs bursts, beautiful beaches, urban neon, ladies, busy night, this series of things are a little bit in my heart Yang Kai, glowing deep feelings of summer!


The summer solstice, which is an Enchanting, things grow prosperous season. Wayward sister who can be exposed big legs, Xiangjian, A4 back, the men can wear shorts, T-shirts vest dress tide way out of the street. The weather is getting hot, summer clothes are really cool, the less the more the more transparent it? The answer is no.


In the hot summer, wearing clothes not only pay attention to beautiful, healthy and comfortable just as important, or dress more beautiful, healthy and comfortable feeling is not wasted. Thus, silk clothing, cotton, linen clothing has become the best choice for summer wear.


In particular, do not be too particular about the dress home, you can try to choose a cool baggy clothes, the texture of the clothes preferably cotton or linen, not only soft, breathable, absorbent and strong. Color, you can choose a refreshing light series, such as white, beige, yellow, light pink, light green, blue, gray tile, silver and so on.


After the summer solstice, and slowly into the hot summer period, “simple, cool, beautiful, can protect the skin” is the principle of the dress code to be followed. To wear clothing with health, it is appropriate to wear, and pay attention to choose clothing, tights and want to facilitate the discharge of body sweat distributed diligent attention to change of clothes, sweat soaked to prevent the growth of bacteria.

▲ Top: linen, silk fabric pants: Cotton

In addition, if the cool summer dress great relationship with the absorbent cloth of. According to the determination, the temperature at 24 ℃, relative humidity around 60%, silk goods absorbent rate of 10%, about 8% cotton, less absorbent synthetic rate, generally less than 3%. In addition, the “Fiber Queen” Silk not only has the cool features, but also has health care function. The cotton soft and comfortable to wear, and therefore, clothes, silk, cotton plant fiber is suitable for summer wear.

▲ Left: Right cotton jacket: silk fabrics

▲ Right divided skirts: silk, linen fabrics

Cashmere fashion design family, always pay attention to skin-friendly, comfortable, natural choice of materials, design atmosphere, exquisite workmanship, pay attention to environmental protection, is the superior choice for your quality of life!

▲ printed scarves cashmere family

Cashmere family choose silk, cotton, linen and other natural fibers as the main summer fabric. Silky silk has excellent skin-friendly, and is both comfortable and beautiful. Natural linen simple, fresh breathable, cotton soft and comfortable, good antibacterial properties. Whether it is noble and delicate scarf accessories, or delicate classic cashmere products are perfectly rendered distinguished and fashionable urban women. Interleaving of different materials, different tailoring a rich layering, to bring you a different kind of wearing experience, these are the perfect interpretation of urban women’s unique charm!
▲ natural cashmere blanket


▲ cotton cashmere family series

Japan imported cotton series, the series of Australian Merino wool, 100% cashmere series, pure Italian design, classic and elegant, simple and stylish, you enjoy the quality of life the best choice.

This summer, with cashmere family and your close companions, I wish you had a comfortable cozy!

(Pictures above are provided exclusively by the SPRINGAIR METTE cashmere family official)

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