According to the Meteorological Observatory, the strongest cold air will swell the area in the eastern part of China from the night of today (January 17) to the 18th .

It is the coldest air in the second half of this year with a massive gale drop and snow and snow.

The strong cold air impact of a wide range of wind power, the central and eastern regions will be accompanied by strong cooling, Springair remind everyone who in travel must be warm and cold measures, pay attention to prevent the road slippery, freezing and other traffic.

Cooling “stumble endlessly,” but cashmere family METTE “warm 520” Baby Cashmere underwear crowdfunding event have been dramatically carried out! Since the early 15th crowdfunding event began, as at 19:00 on the 15th, crowdfunding center has a member number of exceeded 10000 people!

Before the start of the event, every team member was preparing event related matters, try to ensure every procedures all running smoothly. Crowdfunding event started, the warehouse staff began to arrange in an orderly manner according to the order delivery! However, due to the large number of orders, the production sector is also stepping up its pace of production.

After receiving the order, our cashmere family logistics center, customer service center has been efficient, high-speed operation, all warehouse staff methodically handle the details of each order. From packaging, shipping all aspects of every effort, do not miss any one small part, to ensure that the product is intact. After the preparatory work and the cooperation of various departments in the company, the delivery efficiency of this year has greatly improved compared with last year.

Light and warm, natural, zero-staining, elegant luxury, soft waxy skin, comfortable health care, this is essential for winter warm share. Elastic close, more graceful posture, fluffy fine velvet, firmly locked temperature, enjoy the light time. Ultra-textured Baby Cashmere natural colored cashmere underwear, bring elegant wearing experience.

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Italian design based on simple fashion
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And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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