The upcoming May holiday, sunny
To go to a walk and then travel to suit
Away from the work of the worries, the city’s hustle and bustle
Seaside walk, see King flowers
Feel the beautiful picture of nature
Or to a parent-child paradise three-day tour
Enjoy the enjoyment of music

Travel, is a physical and mental relaxation
Is a good opportunity to enhance the feelings of friends and relatives
The small list of the five travel list
Get a simple 8 things, so you travel freely
Enjoy your holiday moments


Size suitcase suitable for suitcase

It does not need to be too large, but can hold all your stuff; do not need a brand name, it is important to be strong. With a caster of the suitcase, drag more effort, easy to reduce the burden of travel.


Comfortable shoulder bag

In addition to prepare for their own good-looking bag to play the United States, but also have a practical shoulder bag. Back on the body, relaxed, to accommodate the essential items: wallet, charge treasure, camera, cup, and unexpected local specialty.


Travel dress

To give up the formal workplace dress, relaxed natural or elegant one, and the surrounding beauty and then fit. Recommended dress: sports and leisure series, elegant skirt.

In case of unexpected cooling weather, a cashmere shirt or a small jacket always warm people into the heart. Not only easy to carry, but also wild shirt, T-shirt, or even skirt.


Travel by car or plane travel, prepare a cashmere blanket, cashmere pillow, soft touch to bring a comfortable journey to enjoy, such as home like warm and comfortable.


Do sunscreen

Strong sun will not only tan, sunburn skin, and even intensify the formation of stains, plus the time in the outdoor more than 6 hours, so the sun to do homework. First prepare a natural physical sunscreen: sun umbrellas, sun hats, thin sunscreen or long scarves.

Second, the sun is too strong, a good use of sunscreen is necessary, SPF value of more than 30 sunscreen better for their own and family to bring a healthy travel experience.


Photographic equipment

With the image (SLR, mobile phone) record this beautiful time, the future memories, full of warmth to enjoy; travel on the way, you can also and loved ones, friends to share the joy of mood.


Clear itinerary

Whether you go to the seaside vacation, to explore the monuments, or go to the parent-child amusement park, etc., reasonable arrangements can reduce the unnecessary travel time. To understand the famous attractions, to determine the basic routes and meals, so that travel more comfortable.


Practical APP

Travel is new to new things. A practical app can solve the new environment for us to eat and drink the problem, such as: check the line, looking for food and attractions, view reviews. Can recommend APP: high German map, public comment, Ctrip and so on.


Choose local specialties

Living is an important element of travel, choose a satisfactory accommodation, people feel comfortable. To Yunnan, Taiwan, you can choose the local characteristics of bed and breakfast, experience the local customs.

Finally, travel is not a game, is life elsewhere. A trip can not see all the scenery, so occasionally disrupting the rhythm, missed or met the strange people do not like things, do not care too much, and loved ones together the most important.

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