Why celebrity dress is very nice?
Set aside the external factors, the reason is
The most important reason is to wear high quality clothes
Giorgio Armani once said
The difference between style and fashion is quality
Cashmere family METTE
Every piece of clothing production process wholeheartedly
Eventually showing every piece of
High quality, high standards, elegant and stylish clothing


Black and gray temperament suit

Coco Chanel once said
Fashion passes, Style remains
(Popular perishable, but style forever)
Fickleness is another synonym for fashion
Once the wave and a single product out of the trend, it will immediately be eliminated
However, the black single product is an exception
Black is a rare constant in the fashion world, there is never an element
Like black on behalf of the classic, dignified and sexy at the same time
It is deep, mysterious and noble
Matches with gray to complement each other


Although there is no superfluous design
The more simple and casual, but the more long-term
No matter what time, what age, what occasion
You can wear black
Black also can bring more possibilities for your clothes matching
Coupled with the delicate cashmere and silky
Can bring you a perfect skin-friendly experience
Whether it is drape sense of clothing or very spacious feeling
Can perfectly reflect the high-end texture and quality


Little trumpet style body and sleeve, more youthful vitality
People forget the boundaries of age and fashion imprisonment
Both sides of the invisible buckle pocket to make the overall clothing more concise
The right hem at the hem also combines the trendy design
Take a variety of beautiful dress inside
More illusory feeling



Red and black charm set

Famous designer Kawakubo Ling in her 1989 autumn and winter series
The definition of color is: red is black
The expression of red is as wild as black
Red + black, the simplest but also the best color
Black is the color that most prominently highlights red
Optional red and black can take a stunning pride
Red and black with each season can apply
The hue of red as a lower body
But also offset the red high-profile sense


Top 100% cashmere
Perfect fit body
Soft texture of soft cashmere bring the perfect wear experience
Exquisite version and high-end fabrics
Respect of the elegance and graceful noble image
Delicate unique lace heart-shaped neckline
Interpretation of the details at the aesthetic romantic feelings
Slim coat, contour coat, etc. can be a perfect fit
Collide a variety of different styles
Single wear better reflect the exquisite style of life
A word long skirt, 100% cashmere
Waist wear design, to meet the needs of different groups
Good fit with the curve of the body
Showing a refined attitude to life


Classic gray texture suits

There is no pure white so completely, there is no black so cold
The middle of the gray will be the perfect blend of both temperament
Let your temperament explode from the inside out!
Cashmere family METTE strict control of color selection and use
Picked the purest, the highest level of gray fabric
Create a classic high-class clothing texture and quality
High purity with the same color
More show the pursuit of exquisite life attitude


After meticulous processing
Create a breathable, light, warm, easy to care for the texture
Uneven surface texture and smooth lines
Increase the sense of texture of the clothes
Very wide fabric and drape texture
Easy to create suitable for the spring and autumn and winter three-season trend to wear
Invisible large zipper pocket design
You can collect valuable items
High quality assurance
Each wearing style can wear out the senior custom exclusive sense


Lightweight and simple aesthetic cashmere sweater
100% cashmere, light and delicate texture skin-friendly
Upper body good self-cultivation effect show the perfect curve
Micro-La hem design, full of agile
Simple texture and high purity color
Gives gray more fashion attributes
With a playful scarf, showing a young casual style


Exquisite appearance requires exquisite dress to reflect
Quickly pick several fine dress for yourself!


Cashmere family METTE
These new products are now elegantly listed
Welcome to store selection



Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high-quality raw materials
And to harsh environmental standards to be rebuilt
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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