Silk fabric feels soft and smooth

Has good moisture absorption and heat dissipation

Favored for its unique charm

However, the high temperature and sweaty summer

How to properly wash clothing to avoid damage

Become a problem

Now let the cashmere family METTE come to you


1. Remember that silk clothing is machine washable and dry cleaning is recommended.

2. If you use hand-washing, wash it on the opposite side and wash it with clean water for the first time. The second time, you can put a small amount of neutral detergent or silk special detergent in cold water, stir well and put in the clothes. Remember not to wash with alkaline products such as laundry detergent, laundry soap and soap. Do not spray detergent directly on clothing.

3. Wash into the water, not soaked.

4. Wash with color separation to avoid shuffling with clothing from other fabrics.

5. Remember that when washing, do not use force to wash. After gently rubbing, add a teaspoonful of vinegar to the water. The color of the clothing will be brighter.

6. Perspiration is acidic and can cause fabrics to fade and yellow spots. If you sweat more during the summer, wash your silk clothing and do not put it away for a long time.

                                                  “Air Drying”

1. Silk clothes should not be twisted, and it is better to dry naturally in the cool, ventilated place. Do not expose to sunlight or dry.

2. Try not to iron the silk clothes. When the clothes are air-dried until they reach 70% dry, you can touch it with your hands.

3. If you need to iron, you should choose low-temperature reverse ironing, drying the clothes to Qi Chenggan, and then evenly spray water, wait for 3-5 minutes and then hot, ironing temperature should be controlled below 150 degrees.

4. When ironing, the iron should not be in direct contact with the surface of the silk. It should be covered with a layer of wet cloth and then hot, so as to avoid the aurora.


1. Wash, iron and dry silk clothing before collection.

2. The silk has good hygroscopicity and must be stored in a dry, sheltered and dark place during storage.

3. When placed, it is best to stack, cloth wrapped, and separate from other clothing.

4. The insect repellent can be placed in the wardrobe as appropriate. The insect repellent should be wrapped in cloth and must not be in direct contact with silk clothing.

5. If the clothing is not worn for a long time, it should be taken out regularly and ventilated to prevent the clothing from becoming moldy.

The right way of care

Can extend the life of clothes

Delicate silk clothing

Needs your care

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