Early spring, all things recovery, colorful, meteorology. Cashmere family 2017 spring new color palette from nature. Ocean, jungle, sky, etc., wake up the city people on the spring of fantasy and desire.
























2017 cashmere family spring new color as a whole to dark green, dark orange, with gray-based, black and white is still throughout, also joined the 2017 spring and summer international popular Niagara blue, island sky blue, light dogwood powder and other color embellishment , So that the new season of a single product in the elegant, simple on the basis of full of inner light.

This year the new products in the fabric, in addition to the selection of high quality flax, cashmere, silk, etc., but also a large number of the introduction of Japanese imports of fabrics, such fabrics better elasticity, closer to the skin, better ventilation advantages, Healthy and comfortable wearing experience. Supplemented by wool velvet, mercerized cashmere, cotton, rayon, etc., and cashmere family has always been comfortable, simple, elegant brand appeal highly consistent. The use of mercerized cashmere to do the fabric, so that the anti-pilling clothing, anti-shrinkage performance is improved.



























Take the natural, starting from the heart, return to self, to convey the attitude of life beyond fate. Simple atmosphere, yet fresh and fresh, fascinating.

Lotus leaf, tassels, lace, hollow, full of romantic feminine, printed, geometric, linear, rib, fun fashion, show the traditional oriental charm. The image of the pattern is an important trend this season, fresh stripes, full of tension, beautiful lotus leaf and lace bring modern flavor, slightly casual wind weave, refined simple.



























Irregular stripes are still very concerned about, to create a variety of effects. Eye-catching stripes for leisure and modern profile, dresses and pants are the most important style. Full of modern linear prints, simple atmosphere, it shines.



























Small V-neck is still a popular detail processing, performance in dresses and shirts, simple profile and rich colors bring light and elegant taste. The overall tone off the fresh and elegant, passing the extraordinary beauty of the city dress and the pursuit of high quality of life.



























2017 passionate spring and summer, full of vigor, printing and color collisions, rich flowers, plant printing and other reproduction of retro style, spring and summer women brought a steady stream of vitality.



























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