The arrival of the mechanization era
Make production simple and repeat
Speed ​​has become the only goal of people chasing
Impetuous people blindly believe
To be faster and faster

But there are always some people choose “maverick”
They pursue uncompromising attention
They are distributed in all walks of life
They are carpenters, sculptors, potters …
They may not have a gorgeous title
No lucrative income
But it has a deep ingenuity
In the cashmere family METTE
Also have such a group of lovely people … …

Today, we visited the cashmere METTE quality inspection center, and invited more than 20 years of experience in quality management of senior quality management staff Chen master, for us to reveal the mystery of the quality inspection center.

Chen master introduction, quality inspection center is the quality of clothing to control the last link. In the cashmere family METTE, we always follow the “order for the next order service, the order for the order of the” principle of production. Each piece of clothing in all aspects of production has undergone a film, in the seizure, the total inspection and other testing links, the basic quality problems in the production test links have been one by one removed.

But in order to ensure that the product hundred percent defect, we set up a quality inspection center. In the quality inspection center, we need to carry out a more detailed large-scale inspection of each garment, like holding a grand parade, like here, and then a small problem is difficult to escape the experienced quality inspection Master’s eyes.

Quality inspection center is divided into woven, knitted two large area. Woven woven area to the quality of spring and summer woven garments mainly knitted film area to the quality of autumn and winter cashmere knitted garments mainly.

Woven manufacturing area

For spring and summer woven garments, to test the appearance of the main quality. The contents of the inspection include: whether the trademark is complete, correct, paragraph number, color, price logo is correct.

Whether there are stains or traces of clothes, whether there are missing needle, hole, thread. Lining, whether there is color, buttons are loose, zipper opening and closing is smooth and so on.

In particular, pay attention to nail drill, beaded and other heavy process needle and thread is loose, to ensure that the beads solid, easy to fall off.

Here, we see the skill of the quality of the master, along the collar, cuffs, armpits, clothing before the film, after the film, from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside look, spinning in general, everything is Orderly.

Knitting manufacturing area

To the cashmere weaving cashmere sweater delicate gentle, sketched out home like intimate warmth. In addition to the appearance of quality inspection, pay more attention to the size of specifications, the weight and density of a single piece, each piece of cashmere single product in the design and process preparation has been made on the material made clear Requirements, the weight of the deviation on the final wear effect of clothing will have a direct impact.

The cashmere fabrics, mechanisms and pinholes placed under the foot lights are clearly visible, and the appearance quality problems such as monofilament, gauze, coarse hair, missing needles, broken wires will be exposed in this process. After selecting the best, knitted qualified fabric into the removal of residual sesame goods, and unqualified products will be reworked again.

Cashmere from the goat’s surface fine velvet, from the original cashmere carding will inevitably have a trace of hair hides hidden in the cashmere, thick and hard hair, a large extent affect the softness of cashmere and wearing a sense of wear. Elimination of sapphire quality inspection process is the cashmere fabric within the residual Soke removed to ensure that the original soft touch of cashmere. Aware of the villi color, spinning to hair, smoothing mechanism, quality inspection master each step at one go, finally showing a gentle cashmere fabric.

The ultimate quality, superb technology, with an international perspective of the innovative design, which has been the cashmere family METTE diligently pursued. Carpenter technology, and finally art. From elaborate design drawings, to each hand-sewn, manual inspection, everywhere interpretation of the cashmere family METTE elegant classic and unique technology.

To achieve these extreme, every link can not be separated from such a group of lovely people. Many of them may not have been highly educated, and may not have received professional training. However, they are unwilling to mediocrity, with a serious attitude to explore practice, along the way, they proved to us “only the most valuable experience.” From their hands in the quality of every piece of clothing, are carrying the temperature and full of sincerity.

This is probably the so-called heart of the complex knot, this complex, let us focus on every quiet little detail. And these, cashmere family METTE hope that every US clothing and every pursuit of quality of life with you slowly taste.

Design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured Excellence in Raw Materials
To the highest environmental standards to be recycled
Abandon the complex design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the city elite
Provide a comfortable commuter experience

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