G20 comes in the near future, people will soon celebrate the unique Hangzhou Golden Week, which is unique to Hangzhou vacation, surely we have the long-awaited! So playfully, it would have been jealous of the National People’s Oh! Since the G20, express delivery can not be delivered on time, the small restaurant is not open for business, office workers can not buy as soon as possible, and limit line road, traffic control …… tired heart, why not leave this city at this time, say goodbye front familiar trivial daily life, to find distant poetry and fields it?

G20, beautiful West Lake police patrol appeared, nature is a must-read for the beautiful landscape; there are breathtaking bright lights, Hangzhou night, I do not know how much to attract tourists visiting ……


G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (1)

Hangzhou to celebrate the G20 group of pictures, feel beautiful Hangzhou before the summit!

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (2) G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (4) G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (3)

G20 golden week, give yourself a perfect plan to travel it. Good mood to travel, of course, is inseparable from the tourist destination fit perfect travel dress. Cashmere family METTE carefully selected several groups of different styles and themes early autumn trip look, let your beauty in full bloom along the way beauty!

Grassland scenery

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (5)

“Green and wild and vast, wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep.” At the beginning of September, when it is the most beautiful grassland scenery. This season came fascinated prairie, riding a galloping horse on the prairie, Cemayangbian, flying the beautiful mood, dancing on the vast land of the free, to see the magnificent beauty of the prairie! Have the opportunity to live in the grasslands features yurts, drink horse milk mellow taste prairie cuisine, watch the campfire. Herdsmen hospitality, feel splendid ethnic minority culture and local customs.

METTE Cashmere family prairie dress

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (6)G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (7)

▲ round neck zipper cardigan 8264041 black / brick red 100% cashmere
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This striped cardigan design practices using hit-color, full of different kind of personality, not artificial, not ordinary, nor insolent. Stand-up collar and metal zipper design, metallic and white stripes, so that the overall Duoliaoyifen tough and cool feeling. Earth tones calm colors, so having more exposure to your whims prairie affinity and charm.

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (8) G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (9)

▲ long section of dark green striped cardigan 6264512
▲ composition: 80% wool 10% silk 10% cashmere
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Dark green round neck pullover long, all parts are made of blended yarn spinning, green and yellow stripes, crisp and clear, the classic hit color clip strip, loose version of the type, casual and leisure. In the autumn prairie quiet and gorgeous glow inside with a rustic elegant dark green cashmere sweater, is not yet a wise choice?

Southern Jiangnan Town

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (10)

“Spring water in the days of Pitt, Hua Chuan Machines Sleep.” Jiangnan poetic, Yanbo Han Miao, bridges, peace and tranquility. Southern town in early September, autumn dense, fresh air, picturesque. This gentle and quiet for listening carefully, slowly crumble.

September in the southern rain swirl
Rose flowers over the quartzite alley
Breeze through the temple bell sounded
Awakened birds title to the azalea bed
– Xu Qi, “the city of flowers”
Jiangnan poetic, are you ready?

METTE Cashmere dress family country style

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (11) G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (12)

▲ color stitching shawl 100% cashmere Color Series 6364006
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A colored shawl, color stitching plus handmade decorative tassels, delicate and modern, instantly improve your fashion sense. And soft, reversible outfit, practical. Bring it, leaving more for your travel memories!

Modern urban style

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (13)

Close to feel stylish atmosphere, feel the political, economic and cultural prosperity highly developed, to feel the pulse of the modern city. Listen to where people are talking about, take a look at what is popular metropolis, think about whether the moment of their own to keep up pace with the times, whether to accept anything new?

Cashmere dress family METTE charm of the city

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (14) G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (15)

▲ geometric patterns black 100% cashmere pullover 8264044
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Geometric patterns, in Fashion Week show floor has long been the biggest names in use to consummate, and its popularity, fashion sense do not need statements. This round neck cashmere sweater, asymmetric and geometric patterns collision color techniques, simple atmosphere, strong sense of fashion. The bustling city, pleasant early autumn afternoon, afternoon tea and girlfriends, no dressed only need a simple and comfortable Western style cashmere sweater.

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (16) G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (17)

Men’s round neck pullover 8164018 ▲ deep blue and gray 100% cashmere
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This beautiful cashmere sweater using color to decorate, both casual and fashion, easy match. Visual effects not only full of changes but also full of dynamic rhythm, highlighting the trendy features. If you are a person dressed in fashion, this color cashmere sweater must not be missed.

G20-HANGZHOU-CHINA-Cashmere-mette-family-tourist-knitwear (18)

G20 Summit is about to start our holidays just around the corner. Some people say, “Maybe one day I will quietly leave, and then dive into a totally strange city, I have never been to live the life, when I, perhaps is the most real me.” I wish you a cashmere family in the distance the fields of poetry and I met with another.

(Picture above from cashmere autumn and winter family)


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