February spring like scissors, spring warm, vegetation germination, and soon will be factions! When the cold south, to promote the temperature plummeted, it was time to wear thin cashmere sweater when. We have a good chop for you list, love yourself, blooming charm, and quickly by the whole collection of it!

Ying Ying first language
It is the spring of the year
Rain, such as crisp
Grass color green
Enjoy a good season
The warm weather
Also in the year to wear light warmth
Cashmere sweater of the good season

Round neck baskets pullover
Can also be modeling change
Wear in cold weather
Warm when wearing
Round neck pure color cashmere sweater
More easy to wear
With jeans, shirt, dress with
With a variety of seductive modeling
Can be beautiful young, mature and intellectual

Light, soft, comfortable, warm
The benefits of wearing a cashmere sweater do not have to repeat
It is not only the magic weapon for the warm body in the winter
It is the cold chill when the cold weapon
Cashmere family METTE style, color and diverse
Showing a strong Italian style of humanistic atmosphere
When pure Italian design
Encounter rich oriental style
Let the single product romantic and classical atmosphere both

Black geometric pattern hit color cashmere sweater
Trendy and simple
Atmosphere and elegant
With short skirts, fashion age
Bright color hit color design
Will T station fashion unlimited extension
Romantic pastoral printing
Bring you a taste of spring style

Solid color cashmere sweater
Feel pure and delicate cashmere
In the gray tones, hazy pure
One of the bat’s bat sleeves
Simple leisure, cover the meat was thin
Elegant with a low profile luxury temperament
While the modern Milan stripes, stylish and elegant
With the details of the dark stripes echoes

# Work hard in the workplace #
I need to wear decent and generous
I need to use simple and elegant OL wind
Establish a crisp and trustworthy image
Fine fabric, neat cut, simple style
It becomes the standard of the workplace
Black, gray is my love of choice
Because they are elegant and concise
Inclusive and little emotion

# Go sweet dating #
I want to help me to add points
A green green knitted pure cashmere cardigan
With a simple white dress
Awake him with youthful sweet shape
The hearts of the good memories of the beginning

# Spring Spring Spring #
Exposure to beauty
I want the dazzling shape to match
Choose a fresh bright cardigan
With a floral dress
Playful and gentle breath blowing


# Return to real life #
Dull and full of longing for life
I like the purely natural style
Let me comfortable and comfortable, leisurely
Simple comfort is my primary pursuit
In addition to that
Prefer a more detailed sense of the design
It will evoke our vision of good things

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