Double side wool fabric is derived from the European top Italy double woven fabrics. It is the use of high-quality double-sided fabrics of cashmere and wool, wool and other natural fabrics made of whole soft lubrication, close texture, crisp and elastic, bright colors, colorful, suitable for different age levels.


A big feature of the double coat is its exclusive, excellence of pure hand-made. A good double coat is made of sewing master has rich experience with very exquisite handmade stitches. Double face coat has the following notable features:


Double – sided

As the characteristics of double-sided it, the fabric color can be the same double-sided, but also double-sided color, fashion expressive stronger, strong sense of design, a multi-wear properly.

As the front and back are woolen sewing, do not need lining, thicker, more crisp, the type of flat, easy to wrinkle.



Double-sided it is made of two separate fabrics woven, so compared to the single-layer cashmere, wool material, double-sided fabric is more warm.

How to choose double-sided coat version of the coat?
Its version type boils down, nothing more than two: Slim and cocoon type, that is self-cultivation and straight. Slim type, you can maximize the modification of the female body curve, showing a good figure. Frivolous crush figure can also try this version type. If you usually dress like casual style, you can try straight type. Because the straight-type double-sided coat to wear it simple and generous, warm light.


How to choose the color of double-sided coat it?
If your age is not partial to the young, not very satisfied with the body and skin, it is recommended to carefully choose the light-colored, especially pink double-sided it. There is not a choice of the rainbow, because the wear is not good, it will become very bloated.


Navy, black, camel, dark gray, light gray is a good choice, with easy, do not pick stature. Occasionally, you can also choose a large red, yellow-green or sapphire blue, brisk at the same time, highlighting personal temperament. As with, the coat can be used with pants feet, but also take a dress. Skirt material to knitting, wool, cashmere better.


For a considerable price of the double-sided coat how to wash and maintenance, cashmere family last winter has written related articles, Xiao Bian will not go into here. Tide people, and quickly go to the family cashmere cashmere or family cashmere flagship store to pick your favorite double-sided coat it! .
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