Ultra-worsted yarns, there is a particularly exciting is, is especially delicate yarn especially suitable for summer yarn, not heavy, very gentle, a pullover g lies about 122G, air-conditioned rooms in the summer you can wear , take care. We had a cashmere pullover, worsted wool, 16G technology, 80 high-worsted yarn! Texture is super super warm soft, waxy soft, lightweight, no longer think it is more intimate than the fabric.

image001 image003

Worsted cashmere superfine 80 16 knitting method, ultra-greasy weave magic into the human body like a second skin, think of to describe it in words, such as “baby skin” “ZUI delicate”, “light if the clouds” “luxury”, is my food, my clothes since pursue extreme, worsted cashmere 16-pin 80 superfine worsted cashmere general routine 48, 60 is very thin, but has exceeded 80 fine, process extremely difficult.

image005 image011

Touch feeling as floating in the clouds

Because this process is difficult, very easy to pull off a yarn breakage generates losses, woven thin as onion skin, the loss rate of 20%, 100 pieces of clothing is because there are 20 or so holes scrapped, high wages. If you see kind, must also make such decisions, value cost-effective, it is so delicate, gentle and soft, kind of like a girl heart love yarn using a TOP level Springair cashmere, this area cashmere produced like a newborn baby-like immaculate, all we all use gentle baby colors on the stain from the inside exudes a graceful and elegant ladies like.

image008 image010

Have not found better suited to us Asians to wear, this represents the high-end knitting, it should be like friends, wear it day off day, it needs to breathe, if you have it, please take care of it!

And then give it another round neck renderings, it is not love it? ! I love it has it right!

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