Summer new image

Modern urban independent women
Shuttle between high-rise
Got the hall under the kitchen

But occasionally will be depressed
Pressure, loss, negative energy bursting
at this time
May wish to treat yourself
With a new attitude to light colorful life
With a new image to meet the bright summer

Cashmere family, early summer special new planning
With easy, comfortable silk and linen fabric as raw material
Type or loose heart, or comfortable personal
For you to create a natural summer elegant wind
Abandon the complex, in a simple way, pamper yourself

Top: 4271046

Changing workplace life
Hard and soft and more like a duck to water
Very simple style long shirt
Soft beige with simple type
Capable of showing gentle temperament
It will be your office new shape

Top: 2272008 Bottom: 4271002

Occasionally you can put down the posture
Lively, comfortable some
Small and exquisite Peter Pan collar
Release your inner girl feelings
Cotton and linen material
Add a lot more natural and comfortable to enjoy

Top: 3271015

Wearing a shirt
You have a wild helper – T shirt
Refreshing feel
Elegant texture
Wake up on summer attachment

Three-color design
Sweet shrimp red, romantic light purple
Deep and calm blue and green
Which is your favorite?

Top: 7271023 Bottom: 4271017

A needle line, a bead
Decorate the exquisite taste of life
The front piece is purely handmade
Elegant in the show gorgeous charm
Kind is more heart
Loose version of the design
By oversize the tide
But also let you easily fashionable one

Top: 2272007 Bottom: 2271019

Do not need complicated design
Do not need brilliant colors
A simple, elegant
But the temperament naturally come
Purely elegant, calm feminine
Summer mind (new clothes) no matter how good


Little blue
Sketched out the oil-like visual feast
Look at the new chic
Far looking romantic beautiful
Summer hot summer, together encounter
Fresh and elegant style of printing

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