Since last month, 15, warm 520 WeChat public activities to raise the official launch, since half a month ago. Up to now, the public to raise sales activity has exceeded 8000. Just 15 days, the congregation raised second orders have been allotted. The storage center staff are cashmere family arrangements of the third order dispensing work.


In late November, we had the strongest cold air since the beginning of winter this year. The weather is getting cold, we respond to the needs of many customers, timely launch of the congregation raised the issue of cashmere underwear in a timely manner to solve the problem of everyone. In the cold weather, wearing a pure natural cashmere underwear, immediately to the body to bring a deep warm.


After the launch of the public activities, the response is very strong. Set like a scarf is a circle of friends to become a big beautiful scenery. We actively corresponding, have to share the warmth, love to share. Everyone from time to time in the circle of friends to share the function of wearing cashmere underwear, feeling, beauty shoot video, whipped up a baby cashmere underwear fashion.



Orders from the system background, all over the country. In addition to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Shenyang and other areas of cashmere family stores, our order also covers Henan, Guangdong, Gansu, Qingdao and other regions currently no store. After last year’s activities, the enthusiasm of the old friends of cashmere family still, this support also allows the public to raise the activity of the reaction is more intense, hot.

Here to share a set of warm and seductive pictures, take you to revisit the luxurious and warm cashmere hill.



Warm far more than this, in the WeChat family background, a number of fans often have a message to ask them how to buy this underwear. Also have to buy the customer message to ask the order of logistics information. For half a month, we have to raise public interest and sustained attention to the degree of interest.




Due to the strong demand of our customers, warm 520 to raise public activity is still to continue, have not had time to start the pro, but can pay attention to the WeChat public number, click “read the original” to participate in the purchase.

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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