Your temperament can be set off with a sweater, then the gloomy winter in the dark, how to do in the warm while elegant and temperament of the beauty do? Then see how you with a sweater

Large thick sweater

Wear large sweater, the proposed lower body to choose tight, lean style of a single product, even if the body is not perfect is also difficult to make mistakes, choose delicate, small shoes and handbags, magnifying contrast more thin



Pack hip pencil skirt is a great representative of femininity, whether knee or slightly longer styles are good with that piece of ordinary sweater, but also because it becomes “elegant”


Short sweater

Short section of the coat has been popular from the summer to autumn and winter, short sweater more natural legs more long, intangible between the upper body to weaken the sense of expansion, the sweater into the front waistband, or the use of accessories such as belts sweater “shorter” are The smart way


Black Sweater

As the enduring fashion single product, black sweater is for us to bring a lot of hard to wipe the good memories. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy and other classic fashion icons have been wearing a black sweater appearance, more than I was not more temperament that


turtleneck sweater

Simple and elegant coat with a chic design of high collar gray sweater, with black tight leather library, structured bags and simple high heels, the look looks elegant and chic


Black and white collocation
Comfortable knit cardigan with pure black base coat and tear jeans, wide brimmed hat and polished pointed high heels together to create this exquisite look



White sweater
With a white sweater, remember to take one or two pieces of key accessories, you can make plain with eyebrows, if the white sweater slightly thin, a printed scarf tied to the shoulder, it will enhance the overall degree of fashion, or a Electric light sunglasses, should not be too much, can let accessories become the core of modeling can easily create a white sweater elegant comfort


With scarves

A scarf is of great importance, in the white sweater and white fishtail skirt collocation, played an important role


With sweaters to play handsome

Leisure full sense of the jeans with a high-necked sweater, to reconcile the high-necked sweater gives the impression of old-fashioned if with a sweater chain, immediately crash out of New York’s modern avant-garde image


Ginger yellow thick high-necked shirt with black trousers boots, handsome pressing


Sweater with pleated skirt
Pleated skirt or print skirt with a high-necked sweater, skirt bright colors and elegant texture to break the high-necked sweater old-fashioned impression, immediately make your image vibrant


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