Clothing can give us cool or warm when we need it, and we know that we want to be beautiful.

How to dress “beautiful” under the premise of warmth and comfort is the theme of the cold season, combined with this year’s hot urban workplace retro style

Today, let’s take a look at which items are suitable for creating such a modern feeling.

■ Office ■

Considering the high temperature difference in the fall, for the fashion-conscious workplace, wearing a neatly cut high-quality vest is a good way to keep out the cold.

The classic retro brick red and navy blue color more feminine suit collar design is a typical element of the workplace and makes the dress look more refined and contemporary.


■ Modern ■

Exquisite small fragrance in the COCO CHANEL era

In the present, it seems that compared to other hot styles, it is actually a “poor”.

But the elegant lady always has a special preference for this soft silhouette.

The simple design only needs a little decoration to perfectly highlight the femininity.

The waist is simple but the atmospheric bow tie is like a wave-like skirt when walking.

The mottled black and white spikes on the collar of the collar reveal a strong French elegance and romance.

■ Classical ■

The retro that can’t stand the test of time is the classic that lasts forever.

Retro elements and autumn and winter are perfect match with time and heavy feeling

The classic elements are also easy to create your own personality.

The color and texture of the epoch-shaped character with the style of the Hepburn era can not help but recall the beautiful people and memories of the old time.

That is the classic that belongs to you only.

“The trend is easy to pass, the style is forever”

After learning to wear a modern retro workplace

Turn it into your own style.

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