Bustling city
Cars crossing the street
Neon flashing up
Even the spring rain are rushing and patterring

The pedestrian crossing by

Criss-crossing fast road

The high building growing up one by one

Revealing the fast-paced flavour

The people living style after marriage

Taking carefully for their family

To the the good couple each other

Living vigorously in the workplace

Fast-paced rhythm,busy live

The time for caring ourselves being occupied

We need to dressing up carefully

Also need to dressing as a gorgeous lady in a short time

People should not be disappointed on love and beauty

Springair Cashmere Family present a wearing magic weapon “suit”

Easy to solve the problem on dress

Live the style as in the poem, simple and Exquisite


Simplest gorgeous style

Top:5271014 bottom:7271005 scarf:6364823

Simplest gorgeous flavor

In the simple to show style temperament

Slim suit dressing

graceful and lithe body curve

Elegant scarf turns smart feeling

Slim pumping pullover was made of ultra-fine wool blended yarn
Upper body comfortable, easy, wear all the way to hold live
Seven pants pendulum was a design of small split
Inadvertently converge the visual focus
Urban women’s sense of fashion


Fresh Office-Lady style

Top:3271011 Bottom:4271003

That touch of quiet blue
Such as the blue coast romantic pure
More like the open blue sky, fresh and beautiful
It is a style of walking seductive and exquisite

Shirt dark placket design
Simple to rise to temperament style
Accompanied by navy blue stripes nine pants
Both the slender legs of the visual beauty
Fresh and elegant temperament is a matter of course


Low-key feminine

Top:5271027 Bottom:4271024

Gray means open mind after tired
Low-key comes with high-quality texture
Love gray introverted and seductive feeling
Prefer it’s all-match style

With this lovely Brown Lace Skirt
Dark light fusion is no better
Both high and low profile feminine
As a good book, the more the more intriguing


Fashional country style

Top:5271006 Bottom:4271021

Sometimes need to fade workplace armor
Return to natural and practical family life
Do not need to pursue the waistline hip line
Relaxed and comfortable, there is no longer suitable for free space

Hollow round neck sweater, cotton and cashmere blended yarn
Excellent comfort and breathability
A small bag carefully modifies the arm line
With this army green nine points pants
This spring and summer, free to enjoy the fashionable life


Demure OLF style

Top:4271011 Bottom:4271012

No cumbersome design, simple and dignified
The black gray tone faded the dull effect
Show the urban women’s ability and calm
Workplace wear with its temperament


Japan imported fabrics, Marco Polo network mechanism
With a sense of detail and comfort
Irregular skirt skirt design adds many highlights
In addition to the whole set of dress, the skirt can also be used with a small shirt dress beauty

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