In the cold of the winter, against the strong cold air ruthless attack: a strong wind, strong cooling, cold pressing, talk about warmth and comfort, the most suitable number of people wearing a cashmere sweater. But the process of wearing cashmere sweater, there will be from the ball, shrink, deformation of the problem? If there is such a problem, how to deal with it?

First, the ball is a normal phenomenon of cashmere sweater. Cashmere unique high-density bending, resulting in cashmere clothing easy to play when the ball from the phenomenon. In addition, the cashmere sweater in the production process by adding a velvet, velvety process, so the finished surface will have a layer of villi. In the process of wearing, cashmere and other objects continue to friction, the surface of the hair will be intertwined with each other to form hair ball.

Cashmere sweater caused the ball from a variety of reasons. Therefore, there is a point of view, as long as the pilling of cashmere clothing, and quality is a problem, this argument is not established. Because 100% can not afford the ball cashmere sweater has not yet been invented!

Pure cashmere sweater pilling, but can not afford the ball is not pure cashmere sweater. Then the ball from the cashmere sweater how to deal with it?

Slightly from the ball, you can use a special hair ball shaved cashmere lightly removed, careful not to pull hard by hand. Good quality cashmere sweater appears the first time the ball, it is recommended to get a professional dry cleaners or stores to properly handle. After this treatment, pilling phenomenon will improve a lot.

How to effectively reduce the occurrence of pilling phenomenon?

1. At the time of purchase, try to buy high cashmere cashmere sweater, so from the raw materials will reduce the risk of pilling.
2. In the wear, not with the denim, leather and other hard clothes to wear with attention to coat the lining to be soft and smooth, to avoid friction with the rough fabric from the ball. Waichuan, pay special attention to cuffs, neckline, elbow and other parts of the contact with other objects, friction.
3. Wearing process Note intermittent, continuous wear cashmere sweater 2-3 days to put it down, Qinhuan cashmere sweater practice to avoid fiber fatigue, so that cashmere fiber has a rest rest of the rest. This will help reduce the probability of pilling.
4. Washing, the best choice for dry cleaning. If hand washing, soaking time should not be too long, about 10 minutes. If the soaking time is too long will increase the suede, thereby increasing the probability of pilling.

Good quality pure cashmere sweater, if the care and proper care, the general will not shrink. However, cashmere and wool mixed made of cashmere sweater, there may be shrinking, because wool has a shrinkage, shrinkage in the 8% -10%. If the cashmere shrank, what can be done to restore it to its original state?

How to effectively prevent shrink and deformation of cashmere sweater it?

1. Washing water temperature control at 35 ℃ or so, hand gently squeezed when washing, avoid rubbing, twist, pull, rub. Do not use the washing machine washing machine, easy to make cashmere sweater deformation.
2. After washing, hand gently press the water pressure out, you can also use a dry towel wrapped up and press. Will wrap a good cashmere clothing into the washing machine dehydration, the time should not exceed 2 minutes.
3. Wash dehydration, the sweater in dry and ventilated place spread out to dry, do not hang drying and exposure, so as not to deformation of cashmere sweater.
Cashmere family cashmere sweater basic pure cashmere material, the choice of raw materials from the world’s best quality pastoral areas – Qinghai Haixi Dulan County, Tibet Nagqu areas such as elevation of 4000m-5000m above the alpine region. Length up to 36 mm, fineness of up to 13μm, soft touch, not easy to deformation, is your choice of confidence.

Cashmere natural delicate, need careful care, and fine texture, valuable cashmere clothing only after careful maintenance, in order to achieve the effect of extending the service life. Get these tips, you can let these babies to accompany you a long time.

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