White, filling in romantic and cultural atmosphere of Europe, is a symbol of love, holiness, purity romantic it is the main color of Western-style wedding, some people say white is the favorite color of God.

In the birthplace of Western civilization – ancient Greece, this romantic and mysterious country, full of white buildings with blue sky, blending beautiful and romantic.

▲ Greek seashore white building, unique style, beautiful and romantic


▲ White House


▲ Europe ubiquitous white building, beautiful brilliant

In clothing design, white is the color of the most popular designers. It can be interpreted minimalism, reproducible innocence style. Great God Almighty as the color world, it can be ever-changing, you can also create the myth. Over the years Fashion Week show floor white storm never stops!

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Whether or PW street shooting, female stars also love the sei. The hollow of white baby dress, always sweet princess style, with cherry blossoms in full bloom against the background of United States was not picky; 5.20 big cousin in this day tweeting confession fans, is wearing a strapless white dress, very sexy; we the United States was outrageous high round goddess attend Paris fashion week is an able white, a touch of red lips makeup sexy and beautiful.

Reading is not too elated to this strong white storm it? Welfare comes, cashmere family summer series will reproduce the classic white dress, white romantic interpretation of the summer!

White colors and romantic prints, they encounter collision, emitting a strong mystical romantic seaside style. When printing meets funky bright white color, like a vivid painting pastoral, quiet tranquil, poetic and romantic. This summer, you will enjoy cashmere family share the city’s white romance.

Sleeve white dress rule, 100% silk, both fresh summer, but spring is not pure romance. Romantic how you got less feminine and elegant, this is the beauty of the printed white dress with the best comments.

Dressed in elegant white dress, shawl wavy hair, delicate makeup, high heels stepping on, you walked confidently from the document in his hand, even walking hurriedly, not linger, that flash of beautiful figure, too He left blank for pedestrians to daydream.

Fashion, it’s not the clothes you wear brand, the back of the bag brand, but an attitude to life, is rooted in an inner sense of self for the good and the beautiful.

Lace white dress asymmetrical knee, the use of 55% silk and 45% linen fabric, bringing natural and comfortable wearing experience for the wearer. Costume design ingenuity, asymmetrical skirt, caring belt designs are a reflection of the sensitivity of designer fashion. Knee design, walking between the skirt flying, elegant style of fashion among the urban rich and romantic.

Bright flawless pure white, like the moon, soft white, mosaic fishes continuously printing plants, and instantly gives new life to a white dress, like a cello and piano concertos, melodious, because the beauty of harmony and pleasing people.

White print fashion small outside the ride, how can a small summer you had a such a small single product? Pure white cardigan jacket, full of artistic printing, inadvertently exudes a unique personality taste.

With little outside camisole, black pantyhose and high heels, black and white classic, instantly make monotonous dress with innovative style neutral competence, workplace temperament significant legislation; or with sleeveless sundresses or skirts, while maintaining the sexy , adds a mysterious taste.

(Pictures above are provided exclusively by the family of cashmere official)

Colorful summer has arrived, the air was filled with the most marvelous flowers everywhere, everywhere are flowers, fruit on the street, after a while Xinyu, slight breeze, green leaves into the air in the stretch. Wearing a white dress, into the image of the summer garden, romantic and comfortable.

For more details summer, welcomed the Advisory accesible!

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