With the trend of increasing hot sweater, a white sweater is gradually back to people’s vision, but the white sweater dirty is bad to do so many people give up beat a retreat in the closet, so good to wear good sweater how can you give up, the golden season comes in a sweater with a look at how nice white sweater collocation.
Only casual sweaters into jeans, can avoid the outstanding brisk, loose profile sweater brings bloated feeling, jeans and white shoes outstanding fashion collocation.
White sweater knitted denim skirt collocation thick rod can be increased at the same time because the retro feel, cowboy breath and not seem uninhibited too dull, casual and comfortable.5E2.tm

This year is very popular V neck sweater body selection of black and white collocation, a skinny jeans, do not need too many accessories, a comfortable pair of white shoes can be created.


Pure white sweater + same color pants:
Have to say, dare to wear such person, must be the people who have a keen sense of fashion, in other words, it is the “fashion” “. They are well aware of the dynamic for the fashion circle, what the latest fashion, fashion information, already in the hands of the people.
A white, smooth and clean, simple lines of more leisure



Pure white shirt + jacket:
If you still think a sweater is not enough to keep warm, no problem, add a coat is not good.



Pure white sweater + skirt:
Also reluctant to take off the dress girls, you are the gospel
The same color high waisted skirt collocation short sweater, more waist and legs


Lazy turtleneck sweater collocation slit pencil skirt, show fashionable elegant touch, a pair of legs is more slender straight off.


Enjoy their leisure time, not what than the white sweater collocation cowboy single product more leisure, do not want to sleep late in the morning dress for trouble, then choose a white sweater knitted denim collocation style, whether it is shoes or high heels, and bestie afternoon tea or to accompany family travel is a good choice. It is worth mentioning that a fashion this year popular sweater can bring leisure and elegant dual style, is the best choice of the trend.

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