For cashmere yarns , it’s an art, read these advantages to get cashmere yarn better choice.


1, scales are arranged closer than fine wool and cashmere thick, which is larger than cashmere fulling.

2, fine wool curl larger than cashmere.

3, leather cashmere content higher than the fine wool, cashmere fiber stiffness better than fine wool, that is softer than cashmere fine wool.

4, warm cashmere wool strong than fine.

5, cashmere fineness unevenness, appearance quality of their products better than fine wool is smaller than fine wool.

6, fine cashmere wool density ratio is small, and its products than fine wool thin.

7, fine wool acid and alkali resistance better than cashmere, cashmere is also smaller than the injury in case of oxidizing and reducing agents.

8, usually fine wool pilling better than cashmere products, but felting shrinkage big. Small Yi

How to identify cashmere sweater, wool sweater and wool sweater

Cashmere sweater is cashmere spun yarn and woven products. Because cashmere fiber is shorter than fine wool, finer than fine wool, thus generally spun into 80-120 branch of fine yarn, so its fabric is particularly soft, with good warmth and flexibility, makes people feel particularly comfortable to wear. After adding a small amount of nylon, cashmere sweater more wear-resistant.

Sweater is knitted wool woven products. There are pure wool knitting yarn and acrylic and other varieties, is made together by the two yarn. Raw materials for the fine wool, spun wool thin and soft, the quality is better, and difficult to distinguish cashmere sweater, cashmere or even mistaken.

Sweater is made of fine wool and coarse wool woven wool knitwear. Fine wool used in fine wool, wool rough wool fibers thicker. Whether coarse or fine wool yarn, its raw materials are generally species of sheep wool. In addition, pure acrylic or wool acrylic blended yarn woven into a shirt apparel also has hair type feeling, bright color and beautiful.


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