In the just past New Year’s Day
The friends should have been talking about the New Year’s Eve
Was defenseless filled of 18-year-old memory
The friends are collectively memorizing 18-year-old years history
Memorizing once beautiful old time
However, people should not only remember the past but also be
Positive, hard work of us
It is still at the right moment

Image Source: Visual China


Exquisite beautiful appearance is the foundation to demonstrate the vitality
Vibrant youth invincible
Cashmere family METTE for your highly recommended
Belongs to the youth dress!


Bright yellow geometric pullover

100% cashmere, soft and silky
Like a delicate silky wine
Exudes a charming aroma
But it does not make people intoxicated
Not loose and not tight version of a better body shape
In the romantic and elegant autumn
Or wrapped in silver winter
Easy to wear or wear a random coat
Can easily show elegant and elegant urban women’s image


designer says:
Like golden ears golden color
It represents the color of the harvest
With our former high-spirited, bold and unruly
Perfect fit
When successful for the path of your dreams
This represents the color of the harvest
More like applause for our success



Hangzhou Binjiang store manager Ella Recommended reason:
This dress does not have a unique flower design
But through a simple needle outline
Different style
The highlight of the whole design is
Needlework outlines the geometric diamond laminate pattern
There are neat simple and comfortable drop sleeve design
Although not too complicated embellishment
But the simple style is often
More able to create the perfect posture and temperament



Purple petal pullover


designer says:
100% cashmere, soft waxy skin-friendly
The whole dress is crafted
With delicate blooming flower texture
More able to show the young atmosphere of youthful vitality
In addition to the body charming design
The highlight of this dress is more
Neckline and cuffs, the waves formed by the petals edge
Full of beautiful and romantic sense of youth
Gorgeous drop sleeve design
Looks more feminine shoulder petite weak


Shanghai Yangpu shop manager Mary Recommended reason:
The young and energetic era should be like this
Longing for flowers and a beautiful era
So add in the design elements of the clothes
Flowers and petal elements
Better let us review and feel once
That era of vitality and high morale
Looks a little deep purple
In fact, with a little brightness
This high-tech color use
In fact, can even set off the color of white translucent
And purple is not very pick people
But even more highlights the noble temperament
As a wild color
But also for a variety of collocation left imagination
After superimposed
Burst a new world of fashion style



Bright colors are the vision of a better life
Beautiful flowers are longing for a steady stream of life
When 18-year-old high-spirited, young and fit
Now we can still live in the prime of life


Cashmere family METTE
These new products are now elegantly listed
Welcome to store selection



Italian design based on simple fashion
Cashmere family METTE from nature
Featured high-quality raw materials
And rebuilt with harsh environmental standards
Abandon the complicated design, showing the beauty of nature
Designed for the pursuit of quality of life of the urban elite
Provide a comfortable commuter dressing experience

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