As the best boots for the winter, snow boots, can make people happy and worry. Joy is put on, it can from the soles of the feet has been warm to the head, no longer afraid of the cold; the worry is that, although the thermal effect of class, but for that function, snow boots is sacrificing a lot of “Yan value, thick heavy not to say, to put it into a very stylish collocation, is not easy. Snow boots, this is a natural form of a single product, we can not change its objective factors under the premise that only first to ensure that the choice and match will not be wrong.
Too small is a lot of Asian girls puzzle, in short tube section of the snow boots can be very good cover body is too small for this problem, by adjusting the proportion of the whole body with tall.
Do not often exercise girls, the calf is usually a little bit of meat or not enough symmetry straight, then with the expansion of the feeling of turning  hair decoration decoration snow boots can help you create a slender leg of the illusion.


If you are God’s pet, even if the height is not so high, but as long as good enough, the proportion of gold long legs nine body, High tube snow boots are so brave choice of mortals who dare to try it, they will make your body more perfect!

Snow boots collocation of tight pants, close and tight feet, legs, feet and rounded collocation fluffy snow boots, it can adjust the proportion of long lines, and no matter what wearing clothes are almost all-match.


Knit sweater collocation, light texture, can be weakened a lot of snow boots massiness and features into the season’s most popular high, more can cardigan will emphasize the function of snow boots to fashionable way back a lot.
Snow boots with a long gown is a high – height, more than the size of the patent, the difficulty is greater than the coat with shoes, if not a 170 cm tall, this kind of shape or do not want to. But the advantage is that once dressed, it is absolutely fashionable, walking with the wind.

2013 Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week Models Street Snap 街拍

Of course, the cold weather, warm clothing is the first element, this is no doubt. But for the beauty of the people, “bloated” is really difficult to accept. Snow boots warm is in doubt, so long as they wear well and can also show a beautiful season.

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