How to pick up a sense of winter it? Today, finishing up the winter group of 10 were the classic temperament color, these ace-like color, who can resist?
Look, which group do you like?

1.Camel + white
Camel as the most prestigious autumn and winter color, allows you to instantly have aristocratic temperament, adding a clean white can immediately brighten the skin color, so that the whole totally natural.


Take the white with a long coat, obscuring excess fat, modified stature, significantly higher in the visual effect was excellent thin.


2. camel + blue

If you love the retro romantic style, then the camel with blue denim must not miss, and white with a very different.

The most common is a combination of camel coat + jeans, you can choose to take stripes or solid color, is more recommended with.


If not too like the camel, that such a beige is definitely the first choice. Will not make you feel difficult to match, even within the ride is not entirely white do not worry.


3. Pink + gray
Pink + gray with must say, girls heart pink and high gray, is definitely the most significant temperament of the fall and winter with.

On the next dark gray wear with a pink coat, gentle temperament out of breath, it is exciting. This is also the most common combination of gray pink.


With a gray gray with gray inside the ride, more harmonious unity, rather with the color of the high sense.


In addition to a large area with, you can also choose a small area of embellishment, such as a pair of socks or a bag is a bright spot.


4. Green + white
Green does not lining the skin, but with a single white goods, comes with lighting effects, and instantly brighten the complexion.

Army green windbreaker + white dress, instantly full of sweet breath.


Whether green coat or sweater, because of the white and in, complement each other, stylish and warm.


White + mint green, with a dream fresh, in the dark crush of the jacket is absolutely brisk.


5. Green + Black
In addition to white, green with universal black is also wrong, if the black and green lines with, chic type, gas field full.

Dark green can make you elegant at the same time, there is a mature and powerful gas field.


6. Blue + White
Refreshing blue and white with the same good in the winter, dark blue handsome noble, light blue fresh dream, everything you like to see.

Bright blue coat and white with, dazzling and charming, reckless playful.


One of the annual fashion colors quiet blue, and white against each other, fresh and elegant, fantastic and beautiful.


7. Red + blue
Bright red + blue to play hit the color, not only dignitaries are more vibrant tone.

Bright red with blue, full gas field, is definitely the first choice.


The simplest with the choice of denim blue, no matter what kind of red can match.


08 blue + black
Blue and black is also a perfect match, you can create a cool rate of temperament, playing the personality of the girls can not be missed.

The most classic combination of course, black jacket + jeans, handsome index rose, will not be on the election with this set is absolutely right.

Navy blue is also very beautiful with black, whether it is sweater or jacket are OK, recommended with black pants feet.

Dark blue coat with black feet pants, the more intellectual restrained.


9. Wine red + black
Feel too red is too eye-catching? Then select the low-key burgundy, charming noble and significant temperament, with it to do with the black, more elegant and engaging.


A wine red coat, take the black, you can easily become a beautiful landscape.


10 Black + White
Fate of color matching, like the cold style of the girls will love, if you worry about monotonous can add bright embellishment.

The more simple style to wear clothing with high-quality, classic black and white with, engaging fashion.


If you are worried that black and white is too monotonous, then black and white with the three colors to build up, the ultimate simplicity of fashion, how to wear are fashion.


Well, with these practical temperament color, but also worried about what the dressing problem? Girls, ready to winter it!

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