The warm autumn Weiyang, an invigorating autumn climate
The most relevant to the number of every kind of fashionable coat
Whether it is business, or shopping
A stylish overcoat allows you to instantly style


The weather cool autumn season, in addition to the gorgeous autumn, romantic moonlight, a warm and stylish coat this is the season of the most in items! The length, thickness, style, fabric, color difference, will wear different temperament and effect.


With aura, walk with the wind! No wonder a French designer once said: “the coat is a woman’s most intimate partner.” The coat is too romantic, as if only belong to Paris and the movie.



Double lady coat



This bright coat, with shoulder design, fit the female figure. Double sided weave, version of crisp, very texture. Yellow and deep green color collocation, full of romantic and charming autumn atmosphere. Bright colors, a lining color, strong sense of design, collocation camel boots, a continuation of the elegant atmosphere.

Cashmere coat


A long black coat, knee design is very warm. The black coat, is a classic style, very texture. Whether it is with the thin high heels, white shoes, retro thick with shoes, you can keep a low profile.


For a petite girl, if you want to try ankle length coat, small series have two suggestions: first, choose a waist waist paragraph or lace style, is not recommended to wear long paragraph straight type. Try to choose a jacket or a waist under two, and the purpose is to shift the focus of elongated lower body ratio, even if the oversize coat is not so big!


Cape, beautiful and fashion, personality and classic. Both handsome and cool, and gentle style. A retro little cloak can meet you. Say goodbye to boring, new style through the autumn and winter fashion. A fashionable cloak coat, not only can warm the cold, can also cover the meat thin, very suitable for the type of girls wearing extra baggage.


Cashmere family parent-child fashion cloak, and two red brick red color is very beautiful. Modern style, with elegant temperament. In a short skirt, showing sexy long legs, can also be collocation pants, you can make the gas field full.


A rich and warm atmosphere, cashmere fabric and texture design, with bright red brick and crisp chic, noble princess fan children. And parents and children together, the picture is very love.



Worried about not being able to harness the great red? And think that wine is too dim? Then somewhere between the “brick red” must be the color you have this year. From T station to the street, red brick unstoppable forces.


A long cardigan coat lapel style simple atmosphere, simple design, elegant. Take the white or black, noble and elegant, in the autumn or winter wear are suitable.

Coat color stitching



The round bar splicing piece for four kinds of coat, full color clip color mosaic, collar and placket with leather wrapped, high-grade and delicate. With wool or cashmere scarf, warm and very strong. Color stitching, color collocation is very harmonious, the whole complex partial feeling of antiquity.

Free collar striped cardigan


Color stripe cardigan, a shawl for loose coat, fashion sense is very strong, strong retro color. Clothes hem design, leisure casual, exudes retro atmosphere and human feelings.


Color stripe cardigan, a shawl for loose coat, fashion sense is very strong, strong retro color. Clothes hem design, leisure casual, exudes retro atmosphere and human feelings.


Female; in long coats, is the most common people, the proportion of the minimum height and stature; long coat, with a strong aura of the high popularity of a single product, generally suitable for tall women.


Tough and stylish, neat and handsome, elegant lady. A cashmere coat can let you walk with the wind, with a strong gas! Xiao Bian reminder, these new models can be started immediately!

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