It has reached the coldest time of the year, the air mixed with the cold and damp, cold wind blowing in your eyes. To go out the necessary: in addition to coat, down jacket, hat, gloves, essential equipment also need a textured scarf. A cashmere / wool scarf with a jacket, can make you fashionable and warm!

6364005 jacquard scarf


Wool jacquard shawl
The main color is black and purple blue
Style highlights calm simplicity
Neutral colors for men and women
And suitable for a variety of collocation and occasion


Exquisite jacquard more fashionable
It’s cold to snow in winter
Such a woolen scarf
Not only warm and comfortable
And can help you with the beautiful shape

6364004 jacquard scarf


Always give a person a kind of
Publicity and warm feeling
This red scarf
Romantic jacquard filled with ethnic customs
Hem is graceful and dynamic fringe
Woman is full of flavor


With a soft all-match Beige
As an auxiliary color
Color coordination and oriental charm
Such a large shawl
To bring you more warm at the same time
Will make you shine

8364004 leaves scarf


Jacquard leaf pattern
Three dimensional sense and design sense
Beige Scarf
Classic camel or grey coat collocation
Highlight the advanced texture and powerful Aura
The warmth and luxury of cashmere
Bring comfort to the winter
Simple leaf jacquard
A feeling of vigor and vitality for the winter

8364005 jacquard scarf


Elegant tassel
Geometric jacquard
Stylish retro flavor
Integration of these romantic elements
Give this product
Rich and mysterious ethnic customs
The pattern is bright, the tone is elegant and strong
Quiet and distant
Breath of winter

8364056 cashmere scarf


Angola goat wool
This cashmere scarf
Red, green, green, blue
Wine red, brown, inulin colors
Good elasticity, rich luster
Soft texture, easy to match
With the coat with more texture
Is the perfect partner of your winter modeling


A scarf, whether it is the choice of foundation type, a ring type shawl, asymmetric type, herringbone type, before and after the cross type or two ring type, superposition method of enclosing, or with a scarf wrapped around the head circumference method, can improve the degree of comfort and warm in the winter. Scarf as long as the choice and clothes complement each other’s style and color, enough to make you a prominent personality, outstanding temperament!

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