The South has air conditioning, heating north, to take off the coat for the working environment, the girls had his own dress trick. High waisted shorts cashmere, waist, legs lines will be stretched, with perfect proportions.
Black leggings with dark sweater on, rely on light colored jacket and a pair of shorts, can highlight the proportion of. High waisted shorts or lower abdomen, can good will thick sweater into the waist, waist position immediately visible. Down vest wide open, perfect girl show.

Who said the winter must wear dark clothes? This season is going to continue to be bright! Red wine with high waisted shorts doll collar shirt, cover in the warm and thick down jacket, just waiting to enter the warm room, can have a show of confidence.
The buttocks and legs partial thick girls, similar lines short version culottes wide leg pants is the best partner, and no matter what kind of leg wear, can show thin and slender. A curling legs narrow side or edge in the legs, its presence is more intense, modified natural effect is more obvious.


Similarly, when the clothes are black when it is necessary to use the partition ratio of high waisted shorts, black can distinguish, stunning effect. Black and gray, simple to the ultimate color mix, but it can be a perfect show slim figure.


On a cold winter collocation retro coffee soog pattern wool waisted shorts, can help you improve your fashion, and make you wear pants and a more comfortable, avoid tight, bridle and embarrassing problem with characteristics, enhance the texture segmentation, hidden placket beautiful and easy to use, convenient vertical pockets. Hem in pleat, create three-dimensional sense. Can be paired with a retro sweater or a shirt, a pair of small and short boots, is very fashionable to show thin with oh!

Even if the weather is cold, there are still a lot of girls without fear of cold, stick to the shorts legs show. Four all-match shorts as a single product, to make it balanced, most despise naturally thinner. Want to show the perfect figure, the collocation method of cashmere shorts as soon as possible to learn it.

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