When winter comes, you can add winter clothing. But every time after buying clothes will always have a headache, a single product is the right choice, but how can the color match? True, color matching is an annoying thing. In fact, the color is only the kinds of.
So how to match the high sense of color matching?

Grey + Pink
This winter the most gentle color.


Want to wear pink look is not simple, but only in the body there are two main colors, pink and gray are the most of the ride. Many people in the choice of dress when the preferred black, but ignore your wardrobe gray knit and sweater, in fact, they and pink skirt with a very good look.



Camel + white
The highest dignitaries of the color


Camel and white with, is a very significant sense of a high-level color. It has a ladies-like soft temperament, wearing a ride to try to use the same color of shoes and bags, the overall feeling will be more natural.



Red + blue
The most bold mix of color


Here referred to the red and blue with, basically refers to a little bright red wine with the blue and blue. As the autumn and winter city landscape is more depressed, the air will not be as bright as the spring and summer, deep and beautiful colors more suitable for winter wear.


Gray + blue
High-end atmosphere with


Blue and gray two are very easy to match the color, put a piece to feel more gentle and soft. Especially the fusion of noble quiet, introverted intellectual Navy and gray collocation together elegant, without losing the aura.


Blue + white
Sweet little fresh literature


Compared to the more mature of the possession of blue, younger girls are more suitable for fresh blue baby temperament, and pure white, of course, and it is most of the ride.


Black + green
Do an elegant retro beauty


This year is particularly popular with this retro dark green, and black with the effect is great. Imagine the difficult to control the green coat, and black with red than stunning.


Black + white
Timeless classic mix


These two colors together decreed by fate, love cool style girls will love this outfit in black and white, but if you feel too monotonous, can also be appropriate to add some light with single product.


Above these kinds of color

Which one would you most like to try this winter?

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