In recent years, blue has become one of the most popular fashion colors. Blue is very suitable for Asian colors, wild ability completely inferior to the most classic black and white ash, there is a very good for brightening the role of color. Today, for you to sort out the most complete and practical guide to wear blue, beautiful and practical to wear the blue line, there is always a heart you!


According to the saturation depth of the distinction, blue can be divided into a specific category. Here on the autumn and winter must-have item coats as an example, to introduce some of the most beautiful and most real wear blue.

Denim Blue
Similar to a single product with the blue cowboy, can be described as the highest rate of blue throughout the year, you want to fashion a step faster, in fact, just a single product in the moment will be enough for a cowboy fashion.


Quiet blue

As the annual fashion color in 2016, in the winter is also essential for large hot color, fresh and romantic, girl heart full.


Fog blue

In fact, this refers to the addition of gray tones of light blue, elegant upgrade even more advanced texture.


Lake Blue

A touch of beautiful and beautiful lake blue, breaking the winter tedious, to help you easily into the United States a street.


sky blue

Fresh blue sky symbolizes the quiet, good and free, has also been loved by the people.


Royal blue

The most dazzling, but not too much publicity or exaggeration, investment in a sapphire blue single product, will be able to help you easily stand out in the crowd.


The most worthy of the blue to start a single product


First of all to recommend, is the highest winter appearance sweater. Blue sweater is particularly eye-catching, sweater unique soft texture to show the most incisive, add a little romantic elegance or chic or chic temperament.


Navy blue sweater is a very recommended one, with simple black pants feet can be very seductive eyes.


Blue sweater coat coat as a ride inside is also very wild, no matter what color style jacket are very nice with fashion.



Wearing a black and white gray camel these four basic colors, this winter was the most popular color coat. Among the many colors, but also a blue coat is the most real wear wild and resistant to see significant temperament.


Quiet blue coat fresh and elegant, it is feast for the eyes, fashion index more times.


And many people favorite navy blue, because it itself has enough attention, so if you want to start this color coat, version of the proposed selection of this conventional Slim paragraph, it will not be “too much force” is suspected.


Wild and there was significant white temperament of the blue, the most not to be missed this winter.

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