Family fitted undoubtedly a symbol of love and deep affection in my heart baby, a family member doting care performance. In the parent-child class program, often we see the stars with adorable baby, Yiyanbuge and kids wear cool handsome, seductive parents installed. And wet and sprouting, momentary happiness up up, fashion degree also up up, and let your baby become focus of the crowd.

You and I together pretending to be cool
I accompany you change Meng younging

I like

Quietly accompany your side

Watching you grow taller, become beautiful, become handsome

You are my life’s greatest

Most satisfying work

I accompany you grow

You brought me joy and happiness

fashion-cashmere-sweater (1)fashion-cashmere-sweater (2) fashion-cashmere-sweater (4) fashion-cashmere-sweater (3)

There are many ways of love
I wanted so directly
Unabashedly express your love
With you wearing the same clothes
I would like to
Accompany you to do whatever you want to do
Accompany you to see the world
And you feel together
This wonderful and colorful world

Cashmere autumn and winter family METTE2016 launch a special series of parent-child with clothing connects the warmest happy to witness the family together for intimate moments, another hand MINI version of himself in the world!

fashion-cashmere-sweater (5)
Family fitted adult paragraph: 8264009
Black / dark green / burgundy / gray meters 100% cashmere
Tong Family fitted models: 8364021-8364023 beige / cherry pink cashmere 100%
Mother’s mysterious beauty is amazing, including this paragraph Family fitted mother how color options. Color stitching pattern using chest hit the color techniques, adding vitality to autumn. Dark green, quiet, elegant burgundy, black inclusive, rice gray gentle, easy to restore a full of vitality, gentle confident beautiful mother.

fashion-cashmere-sweater (6) fashion-cashmere-sweater (8) fashion-cashmere-sweater (7)
Cashmere family METTE this fall and winter bring most touching paternity selection, so you and your baby stay in the memories of the love and the best time. Fashion intarsia sweaters, soft and delicate, and give you the warmest baby care. Fashion Family fitted warm heart struck closer to each other.

fashion-cashmere-sweater (9)
Tong Family fitted models: 8364021-8364023
Beige / cherry pink cashmere 100%

fashion-cashmere-sweater (10)

Comfortable skin-friendly cashmere, tell this pure, precious and rare, soft fit. Warm beige, warm autumn male essential, lovely cherry pink belongs sweet little princess colors, this series Family fitted really irresistible.

Family fitted men: 8164022 ancient blue 100% cashmere
Family fitted female models: 8264078 ancient blue 100% cashmere
Tong Family fitted models: 8364107-8364109 ancient blue 100% cashmere

Coolest Family fitted autumn and winter, the use of international fashion color – quiet blue, like the sky, like the sea, close to nature, gives a comfortable feeling of tranquility. On this basis, the doctrinal ancient blue is more a mystery. Soft skin-friendly cashmere sweater autumn bring pleasant and comfortable, sophisticated fashion with stylish, handsome out to the streets, Chao Meng Fan children, the strength to steal the spotlight!

Warm and harmonious family of three, enjoyable together, big hands holding little hands, pace involuntarily follow baby traction, bear a child in front of laughing, running. They looked at the innocent smile on his face, carefree play, parents should be the most fun and happy time.

fashion-cashmere-sweater (11)
Tong Family fitted models: 8354012-8354015 dark blue 100% cashmere
Family fitted men: 8154006 Black 100% cashmere
Family fitted female models: red 8254011 100% cashmere

fashion-cashmere-sweater (12) fashion-cashmere-sweater (13)

Limitless energy of red, calm elegance of black, dark blue full of temperament, clothing and body scattered jacquard design, playful, cute, childlike. A family of three parent-child wear this dress, harmony fun! Cashmere comfortable, soft, and your baby the most gentle care.

fashion-cashmere-sweater (14) fashion-cashmere-sweater (15)

You by my side

Just like in the mirror

I know

Your little angel sent by God

I want you to dress up

Mimi / cool places

I want to hear you say proudly

“Dad / Mom, I love you!”

(Picture from the family of cashmere, cashmere non-family picture from the network)

METTE Cashmere Family

Springair has been cooperate with mega brads for couple of years, is famous as China manufacture and supplier .

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