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Woven Apparel

Woven Garments are all season products, including woolen fabric apparel and spring/summer ones. The main fabrics are cashmere, wool, camel, angora rabbit hair, yak, silk, cotton, linen and other functional fibers.

Wool, cashmere yarn

Our advantage is stock service with color cards. There are total more than 600 colors available in stock and minimum order quantity is 1 kg/color. Below are our stock service products for your reference. If you need we can send color cards for your review. If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us..

New material yarn

Zhejiang Springair Textile Group united with China Textile University (Donghua University) develops and tests kinds of new material yarn products every year. Here are some new material yarns for this year.

Knitting Apparel

Knitted Garments are divided into two categories. One is flat knitting garments. The other one is circular knitting garments.




Wool Cashmere Yarn Manufacturer

Comprehensive enterprise

Springair Textile Group manufacture wool cashmere yarn,cashmere sweater,merino,wool yarn, new material yarn, knitting apparel and woven apparel.

Yarn factories Group

Also is a whole industrial chain factories group and provides none-stop service, So the group also supply luxury knitting wool cashmere yarn, cashmere blended yarn, bamboo cotton yarn, mohair yarn, baby wool yarn and other soft yarns for apparels.

Textile Accessories available

As a textile factories group, Springair also supply textile accessories, this means Pure cashmere scarf, cashmere shawls, carpet, gloves and other accessories are available in the group.

Springair Textle Group Advantages

  • OEM and Private Custom service
  • Have a whole industrial chain production line and provides none-stop service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Competitive Price

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