People said “workplace like a battlefield,” really is not fake. Imagine you “wear Prada Queen” in the care of the household as Andrew Leah, dazzling day, he appeared in a variety of vibrant workplace do? You think “Legally Blonde,” the care of the household, like Elle fashion beautiful, confident cute? So, from now on, from the dress more effort. Choose different clothes for different occasions, with a dress to show your professionalism and affinity in the workplace.

People in the workplace, is not every day to worry about how the outfit? The current strength of METTE cashmere family you recommend next week workplace fashion look, and comes with workplace dress golden rule, allowing you to do a beauty and temperament coexist career girl!


Workplace dress need to combine their career, but overall concise ably main color is more simple wild black and white ash, in style, profile can be varied, so that you can highlight personal style. Therefore, the most important thing is to wear clothing with personality, clothing items have their own style and emphasis.

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Style I

▲ 3260006 juxtaposition short-sleeved navy blue women’s 100% silk
▲ 7260021 beige women’s pants feet

Navy blue short-sleeved beige pants feet Slim, quiet yet elegant, yet stable connotation, rich professional atmosphere, very suitable for office wear.


Very wild short-sleeved navy blue, with a white, simple and elegant; with beige, subtle and elegant; with red, with distinct unique beauty; with a brown, more mature charm.


Workplace wearing the most exquisite thing is for their own temperament, in line with the demands of professional identity. Own character and temperament just right into their everyday wear, the chic and capable, will make a dress will dress in the workplace beauty, cute, in doing so improve your image, but also the relationship between colleagues more harmonious, but also help you to work more passion.

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Style II

▲ 7260061 navy blue lace dress women

Navy blue unique share of elegance and quiet, and lace their femininity combined, burst out elegant feminine. The overall bias dress lady style, simple design and capable, elegant and demure. Hollow design clothes cuffs and hem of the skirt, reveals a little sexy looming.


Lace design, fashion, classic, sweet and graceful, with a dash of seductive charm unique charm. Slim dress your graceful posture vividly demonstrated, this summer to add a little more romantic and charming colors.


Workplace dress Another golden rule is to stress the texture of clothes, because the texture is able to demonstrate a person’s taste. Select the texture good clothes will be very significant level, the difference between the texture of the clothes will be very very low. Color, pattern, silhouette, cut, texture, accessories, various clever fusion, silhouetted against each other, inadvertently show charming, attractive side.

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Style III

▲ 4260001 Cream gray plaid dress women

The whole dress simple and elegant, slim waist design better show women exquisite curves and graceful figure. Check the details of the pattern make this dress become more bright and wonderful. M gray, quiet and elegant, chic simplicity.


Grey Plaid meters, very elegant, very lining skin color. Bag with a sophisticated and beautiful high heels, decent and generous. Dressed right, we have the gas field, more confident. The dress will be decent and generous enthusiasm confident mature female charm show exhaustive. At any time, confidence is one of the most important quality in the workplace.


If you like bright colors, you might choose this ice green plaid dress. Green, full of vigor and vitality, that is, as the office dressed in giving a sense of themselves. Dress is the most common workplace dress, it can show the gentle intellectual image of women.


▲ 4260001 green ice Women’s Plaid Dress

In addition to workplace dress appropriately, we should also pay attention to accessories and details. Choose a great accessory to make your personal style impressive. Accessories are not the focus of the outfit, but can play a finishing touch.


A fine watch, a bag, a pair of unique earrings, a scarf Dress up, even a high-end sunglasses, will let your personality charm overflowed.


One of SpringAir boutique workplace dress by watching, is not it also be harvested it? In short, your clothing should cooperate with each other and your identity, occupation, occasion, color, age, body shape, wear their own special style! Neat styling, elegance, fashion style, superior materials, fine details. The pursuit of excellence is our eternal ideas.

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