No more than black and white pure
Not like a single black and white
A little bit of pure emptiness
Run in black and white
This gray is a bit high.


Gray is quietly
Introverted, hazy, low-key
This is the personality that it does not make widely known
Light gray, gray, gray,
Beige, light gray, dark gray color
Advanced grey system
Elegant and fashionable


There is no grey
Was named “advanced ash”
The gray is us
To give the “advanced” feeling
In fact, because of this color
Transfer out of the mood is very little


Fashion people all love grey system
I am the most fashionable fashion blogger.
I was walking with the wind of the workplace elite
I am a popular little meat / small Artistes
I am a hanger – walking international supermodel
No matter at work or in daily life
“Advanced ash” is our
The love of the best choice


Love grey soft
In a noisy world
Loyalty to your inner peace
Inadvertently revealed the mature charm
To show the charm of women


Light gray
Like raindrops hit the mottled slate
Every little bit
With a little ambiguous and charming atmosphere


Western style of dark grey
Elegant and with a low-key luxury temperament
With different shades of shades
Highlight the rich sense of hierarchy
Minimalist profile
Tailored tailoring
To create a stylish atmosphere of autumn and winter modeling


Quiet grey system
With the slightest trace
Lazy charming atmosphere
Highlight the female temperament
Reflect the fine texture of autumn and winter clothing
The understanding and elegance of the street


Like the classic black and white
Grey is a synonym of minimalism
Simple, high cold, abstinence
Look, not impetuous
Just right
Like the classic works of a master.
Never out of date

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